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The President's Reception for Retirees
April 12, 2014

Members signing in for the Reception

Members signing in for the Reception


Candrive is a longitudinal study of older drivers at seven different cities (Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Hamilton, Thunder Bay, Winnipeg, and Victoria).  More than 900 older drivers (70 years and older) were enrolled starting in the summer of 2009.  Every year, each participant is assessed for abiltites related to driving, has their driving monitored by in-vehicle devices, and has collision/violation records collected from provincial licensing authorities.


We also learned the main purpose of the Candrive study is to determine which tests could be used by family physicians to screen older adults in order to determine medical fitness to drive. In many Canadian provinces, including Manitoba, physicians are mandated by law to report medically unfit drivers of any age.

 Michelle & Ed

Dr. Michelle Porter with UMRA President Ed Unrau answering questions from the interested audience.


UMRA President Ed Unrau presenting Dr. Porter with the UMRA mug in appreciation for her presentation.


In the presence of Douglas MacEwan and Ed Unrau, Ashley Davidson (Donor Relations) informs UMRA members on the fundraising efforts of UMREF (University of Manitoba Retirees Endowment Fund) to establish a general bursary fund.


Choosing from the lovely variety of food


 Retirees helping themselves to the delicious array of food


UMRA member in conversation with Dr. Porter


Members engaged in lively discussion


UMRA President Ed Unrau conversing with Gene Walz, Editor of the UMRA Newsletter.

 Photography: Bob Talbot

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The President's Reception for Retirees
October 19, 2014


UMRA President Ed Unrau introducing speaker Richard Milgrom 

 Design for Life

Richard Milgrom, Associate Dean (Research) and Head of the Department of City Planning in the Faculty  of Architecture, spoke on  Communities for all Ages: Design for Life.  In 2007, the World Health Organization published Age-friendly Cities: A Guide, outlining considerations for the design of cities to accommodate aging populations. Typical development in Winnipeg and Manitoba, for the last half century, has done little to accommodate these concerns.


 Dr Milgrom receiving the UMRA coffee mug from UMRA President, Ed Unrau in appreciation for his presentation.


Brian Macpherson informing the Retirees of the United Way Retiree Campaign.


Sandwich, cheese and vegetable platters


Partaking of the delicious food


Ken Mount (right) visiting with Retirees              


Jean-Luc Chodkiewicz & Jay Goldstein (Past President) catching up

Photograpy: Bob Talbot

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UMRA President Ed Unrau introducing                Dr. Michelle Porter




Dr. Michelle Porter, who is a Professor and Associate Dean (Research) in the Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management at the University of Manitoba, speaks on preliminary findings from the Candrive longitudinal study of older drivers.






















President David Barnard



Douglas MacEwen (Chair) Endowment Fund Committee



























     Delicious fruit platter




































































Dr Milgrom earned his Bachelor of Environmental Studies from the University of Manitoba (1977), before getting his Master’s degree in Architecture (Urban Planning) at the University of Pennsylvania and his doctoral degree at York University (Environmental Studies). He is a member of the Canadian Institute of Planners, the Manitoba Professional Planners Institute, the Manitoba Association of Architecture, and the International Network of Urban Research and Action.

























 Time to enjoy the delicious platters of food.