Activities and EVents 2011

Spring Reception 2011                                                Fall Reception 2011

The President's Reception for Retirees
April 16, 2011

The Reception was held at The Fort Garry Campus.

Registration of Retirees

Visiting while waiting for the presentation

Exchange of  ideas before the presentations

Mr. Hess presented an illustrated talk entitled: Does a Building Make a School?  He examined ways that specific environments significantly shape the learning/research activities of artists and designers. Consideration was given to the current ARTlab project and the Taché Hall redevelopment that is underway at the U of M Fort Garry campus.

UMRA President Jay Goldstein presents Mr. Paul Hess with an UMRA mug in appreciation from its members.

A chance to exchange a few words

Dr. Barnard provided the Retirees with an update on happenings at the University.

Marjorie Doyle tending the UMRA Booth

Line-up for delicious food

Jay & Carol Goldstein enjoying a moment with Gunter Baureiss.

Photography: Stella Rebling and Gunter Baureiss

The President's Reception for Retirees
October 15, 2011

The Reception was held at the Bannatyne Campus


Waiting for the Presentation

Dr. Paul Fernyhough spoke on Neurological disease associated with diabetes.  With the increase in obesity, the incidence of type 2 diabetes is rising at an alarming rate. With diabetes comes a greater risk of developing neurological diseases such as peripheral neuropathy (nerve dysfunction) and Alzheimer’s disease. The talk covered the impact on human health of these neurological complications, briefly covered possible etiologies, and highlight novel therapeutic approaches.

John Kearsey, VP External guides the Retirees through the presentation.

Lining up for fabulous luncheon

Enjoying the company of longtime friends

Spending a delightful afternoon together

Photographer: Stella Rebling

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Linda Lassman, Coordinator for LDS























Mr. Paul Hess, Director of the School of Art.

























President & Vice Chancellor Dr. David Barnard


























Gerry Miller & Archie Cooper 






















Dr. Fernyhough is Professor of Pharmacology & Therapeutics and Director of the Division of Neurodegenerative Disorders at the St. Boniface Hosptil Research Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba.



John Kearsey, VP External, standing in for Dr. Barnard.



















Fruit & Cheese Platters