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About Us

VP-Net is a five year research project that brings together a team of investigators to explore the availability and accessibility of end-of-life care for people who experience socially-constructed vulnerability. This project, funded by the Canadian Institute for Health Research (CIHR), investigates four key themes: clinical, policy, ethics and social/cultural issues in end of life care. VP-Net brings together research collaborators from various disciplines, a VP-Net post-doctoral fellow and graduate students.

Situated out of the University of Manitoba and with joint leadership from Harvey Max Chochinov, Director of the Palliative Care Research Unit at CancerCare Manitoba and Canada Research Chair in Palliative Care and Deborah Stienstra, Professor of Disability Studies, the team works together to develop a common, interdisciplinary framework for understanding end of life care from the vantage point of those who face barriers to care, services, information and supports. The team is also comprised of Joseph Kaufert, Professor in Community Health Sciences, and Zana Marie Lutfiyya, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Education, Heidi Janz, University of Alberta Post-Doctoral Fellow, and Jim Derksen,  advisor to VP-Net. Using this framework, we will gain valuable insights from one another’s perspectives, thereby informing and transforming our own research and practices in end of life care.

VP-Net has been supported in this research by our funder, the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR), and our host university, the University of Manitoba. We consider the voices of the disability community essential to our work. We have worked with community based organizations including the Council of Canadians with Disabilities (CCD) for years 1-3, the Canadian Association for Community Living (CACL) and the Palliative Care Research Unit at CancerCare Manitoba.

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