Tillage Translocatiom and Tillage Erosion
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Tillage Erosion Model

A VB-Code Software for Tillage Translocation and Tillage Erosion Estimation
Sheng Li and David A. Lobb
Soil Science Dept., U of Manitoba, Canada

Fig 1. Model Options

Fig 2. TillEM main window

1. Introduction

There are four separate components in this package. From TillERI to TillTM, the program is expected to simulate the process better, however, it becomes more complicated and requires more input data.

Risk of Tillage Erosion Indicator (Canada)----TillERI
An Agri-environmental indicator developed in Canada used to estimate the risk of tillage erosion level in a given field
Try our simplified TillERI online version.

Tillage Erosion Model ----TillEM
Using grid elevation data (DEM) to calculate the on site tillage erosion rate at every given grid point. Direction and boundary effects eliminated.

Directional Tillage Erosion Model ---- DirTillEM
Using grid elevation data (DEM) to calculate the on site tillage erosion rate at every given grid point. Direction and bounary effects considered.
Tillage Translocation Model----TillTM

Using an exponential function to simulate tillage induced soil translocation, thereby to estimate tillage erosion as well as the redistribution of soil constituents, such as organic carbon, nutrients, and pesticides, Cs-137 etc.

2. Download

Tillage-T&E beta version, 2005


TillTEM beta version 07.1 Quick Guide 2007 Jul 06


TillTEM beta version 09.1 2009 Jan 23


3. Installation

Download the .zip file
Unfold the .zip file
Double click the setup.exe file in the unfolded folder and follow the guide of the installation wizard
Note: During the installation, overwriting system notice might pomp up several times. Keep the newest version every time. If you are not sure, click "no"
After the installation, the program will be listed in your start menu

4. System requirement

This program has only been tested on Windows 2000/XP system
The "helps" button in the program is only functional if IE-explorer is the default explorer. However, users could get access to the help file online at:
Some sample import and output data files are provided in folder "Support Files". Users are strongly recommended to run through the sample files at first


Tillage Translocatiom and Tillage Erosion is a subsite of the Soil Science Dept , University of Manitoba