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REVOLVER text by
curator Cliff Eyland




Above: Fuck 'n' Buck series - Light Green and Red, 2004/05, 10'x8', vinyl tarp, vinyl paint

Fuck'n'Buck (2004/05)

The series Fuck 'n' Buck arose from an examination of conflicting single lesbian desires. The fear of being alone forever battling the fear of developing a new relationship. The Penthouse and Playboy centerfold images being a stereotypical 'quick fix' to a single lesbian's yearnings. While these images appear to be the perfect stopgap, they quickly prove themselves to be otherwise. An image constructed to be fantasy quickly unveils itself to be much less than the viewer had hoped for.

Intentionally to be painted in a line drawing format and increased 1000% in size, the reconstituted image quickly exposes how little a sexy centerfold has to offer. The images are shockingly large, forcing the viewer to step backwards. The colours, evocative of child's play, are so bright that they make it difficult for the viewer to remain up close to the work. These elements propel the viewer backward where they must make a conscious choice to view the work. Therein lies the dilemma of every relationship, 'should I stay or should I go?' The viewer is given a moment to reconsider their motivation. Should they choose to view the piece, they are faced with the following decision: enjoy its oddity or reject it on the basis of unsightliness. Should they choose to avoid the piece, they are faced with wondering what it was they might have missed. - Liz Garlicki Liz Garlicki has exhibited at Gallery 101, Ottawa, The New Gallery, Calgary, and in a number of venues in Winnipeg, including the recent supernovas group exhibition at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. She is a graduate of the University of Manitoba's B.F.A. Honours programme. Currently Liz supports students and newcomers to the Winnipeg art community through her employment as the Gallery Assistant at aceartinc. in the Winnipeg Exchange area.

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