FAQs for Academic Positions

Which academic positions are posted on UM Careers?

  • Full-time Academic: professor, librarian, instructor, academic clinician
  • Canada Research Chairs: retention and recruitment chairs (will be archived for 3 years)
  • Academic/Senior Administrators
  • Research Associates
  • Post Doctoral Fellowships
  • Other Academic positions

Where are academic job postings displayed?

All academic positions are listed on UM Careers. The listing includes both staff and academic positions in chronological order, but you can use the 'Advanced Search' function to narrow your search.

How do I apply for an academic position?

Each posting includes application details. At this time, do not click apply to submit your materials online. Please send your materials to the departmental contact listed in the posting.

Do I need to create a UM Careers account to apply for an academic position?

No, not at this time. For the academic positions, UM Careers is only being used to display the positions. Any changes to the process will be communicated on this webpage.


More information will be shared on this page once it becomes available.