Message from Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Facilitator
Image of Valerie Williams


Equity, Diversity & Inclusion is a strategy, linked to the 5 University’s priorities in Taking Our Place that builds on the advantages of a diverse and inclusive culture:

  • Inspiring Minds through innovative and quality teaching
  • Driving Discovery and Insight through excellence in research, scholarly work and other creative activities
  • Creating Pathways to Indigenous achievement
  • Building Community that creates an outstanding learning and working environment
  • Forging Connections to foster high impact community engagement

It is my responsibility to promote diversity and foster a culture of inclusion here at the University of Manitoba. As an HR Professional, I work in the areas of equity, diversity and inclusion.
I support organizational development through promoting a proactive equity, diversity and inclusion strategy. My portfolio includes raising awareness to faculty and staff through the facilitation of sessions, researching best practices and supporting equity committees, faculties, units and departments.

As the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Facilitator I provide the following guidance, services and supports:

  • Consultations to faculties, department and units.
  • Advice on how to connect with the widest possible range network of external partners.
  • Informational workshops for all levels of staff to help integrate diversity and inclusion into the University’s culture.
  • Tools to assess and monitor the progress towards an inclusive campus culture.

My role is to advance EDI efforts and to offer assistance in reaching the goals of a fully inclusive campus community. Inclusion benefits everyone; there are no them or others in an inclusive culture.
Everyone is welcomed and treated with dignity and respect.

Valerie Williams, CPHR, CCIP
Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Facilitator
Human Resources