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Online Teaching Resources - A compilation of resources, best practices and tips from FAFS members and the Centre for the Advancement for Teaching and Learning.

Excellence in Teaching Award
This award was established by the Faculty of Agricultural & Food Sciences (FAFS) to recognize exceptional contributions to the teaching mandate of the Faculty.

Support Staff Awards
The Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences Support Staff Award is for outstanding contribution by a support staff member or team to the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and the University of Manitoba.

AG e-news
Archive of Faculty newsletter

Faculty By-Laws
This handbook has been prepared to assist members of Faculty Council, by providing the rules and procedures for the conduct of its affairs.

Tenure & Promotion Guidelines

Academics in the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences hired after the new guidelines (dated 17 October 2018) are subject to use the new guidelines; those hired prior to that date may choose, and must be asked in writing by the Chair of the Tenure & Promotion Committee, by which guidelines they are to be evaluated.

Teaching Guidelines

Faculty Biosecurity
This protocol document defines agricultural biosecurity principles and procedures aimed at minimizing the spread of plant and animal pests and/or harmful biological entities.

Committees Membership
List of Faculty committees

Faculty Endowment Fund
Funding is available for a wide variety of worthy projects and programs consistent with the academic goals of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences.

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Faculty seminars - video archive

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion - The Faculty supports the University of Manitoba’s Strategic Plan, Taking Our Place, framework for placing equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) at the forefront of how we teach, learn, create and share knowledge and engage with one another and the broader community.