Global Sociology

The Global Sociology cluster is distinguished by the scale of its analysis, rather than by its specific substantive content. Researchers in this cluster examine relations, structures, institutions, and flows that transcend the usual unit of social-scientific research, the nation state. The cluster emphasizes the movement of people, ideas, culture, capital, and commodities as they form webs of connection, difference, and inequality across the globe. 



Global Criminology

Human Rights

Consumer Culture

Immigration and Refugee Studies

Ecology and the Environment


International Development

Global Inequality

Global Cities

Transnational Social Movements

Undergraduate Courses

SOC 2270 Cities and Urban Life 

SOC 2350 Collective Behaviour  

SOC 2480 Population Problems 

SOC 2490 Sociology of Health and Illness  

SOC 3370 Sociology of Work 

SOC 3380 Power, Politics and the Welfare State 

SOC 3510 Population Dynamics and Change 

SOC 3580 Media, Culture, and Society 

SOC 3838 Ecology and Society 

SOC 3860 Genocide, Crime & Society  

SOC 3880 Global Criminology and Criminal Justice 

SOC 3890 Power and Social Inequality: A Comparative Perspective

Graduate Courses

SOC 7160 Selected Topics 

SOC 7320 Seminar in Political Sociology 

SOC 7480 Social Inequality 

SOC 7490 Globalization

Faculty Members with Special Expertise

Sonia Bookman

Jason Edgerton

Mara Fridell

Mark Hudson

Karen Kampen

Gregg Olsen

Russell Smandych

Lori Wilkinson

Andrew Woolford