Sociology - Course Outlines 2002 Regular Session Sept 01-Apr 02
Regular Session 2002 (02R)All course outlines are .pdf files, and can be viewed using
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Course outlines are tentative.
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 Course Name Number  Section  Professor 
 Intro to Sociology 077.120   L01  Jalowica
     L02  Payne
     L03  Jalowica
     L04  C. Albas
     L05  Peikoff
     L06  Kandrack
     L07  Prentice Olsen
     L08  Baureiss
     L09  Foui
     L10  C. Albas
     L11  Jalowica
     L12  D. Albas
     L13  Prentice Olsen
     L14  Nielsen
     L15  Foui
     L16  Nielsen
     L17  Axelrod
     L18  Roberts Kampen
200 Level Courses      
 Critical Issues in Soc.  077.201  L01   Roberts
 Soc.Theoretical Foundations  077.222  L01  Baureiss
 Urban Sociology  077.227  L01 Taylor
 Intro. to Research Methods  077.229M  L01  Taylor
     L02  Michaud
     L03  Halli
 Selected Social Problems:  077.231  L01  cancelled
 Canadian Society & Culture  077.232  L01  Wilkinson
 Social Psychology  077.233  L01  Albas
 Socialization  077.234  L01 Gorkoff
 Collective Behaviour  077.235    not offered
 Small Group Interaction  077.236   D. Albas
 Ethnic Relations  077.237  L01  Wilkinson 
     L02  Wilkinson 
 Sociology of Religion  077.238 L01  Axelrod
 Social Organization  077.239  L01  Taylor
 The Family  077.246  L01  Ramu
     L02  Ursel
     L03  C. Albas
 Courtship and Marriage  077.247  L01  Ramu
  Courtship and Marriage   077.247  L02  Ramu
 Population Problems  077.248  L01  Halli
 Soc. of Health and Illness  077.249  L01  Segall
 Criminology  077.251  L01  Brickey
     L02  Brickey
     L03  Linden
 Crim. Justice and Corrections  077.261  L01  Brickey
 Soc. of Aging  077.262  L01  Strain
 Social Change  077.263  L01 Taylor
  300 Level Courses      
Course Name Course Number  Section  Prof
Orig. Soc. Thought  077.333  L01  Axelrod
Fem. & Soc.Theory  077.335 not offered
Theo. Soc. Psych.  077.336 L01 cancelled
Socio. of Work  077.337 Baureiss
Contemp. Soc. Thought  077.339 L01 Ives (Buffer)
The Child in Society  077.342   not offered
Selected Topics  077.346 not offered
Political Socio.  077.347  L01 Olsen
Health Care Systems  077.354 not offered
Mass Communica.  077.359 not offered
Families in Soc.Crisis   077.364   not offered
Soci. Mental Disorder  077.366 L01 Segall
Soc. Develop.Society   077.369  L01 Kwong
Soc. of Law  077.370  Cancelled
Soc. Crim. Careers  077.371 L01 Peikoff
Crim. Law & Procedures  077.372 L01 Steusser
Crim. Law & Procedures  077.372 L02 Steusser
Society & Education  077.373   cancelled
Select Topic Crim.  077.374 L01 Kandrack
Crim. Field Experience  077.376 L01 Maloney
Women, Health & Medic  077.377   not offered
Comparative Crim   077.378  L01 Smandych 
Women, Crime & Soc Jus  077.379 L01 Kandrack
Drugs and Crime   077.380    Goldstein
Soc. Persp. on Gender & Sex   077.381    cancelled
Qual. & Hist. Meth. in Soc.   077.382    not offered 
Youth, Crime & Society  077.383  L01 Smandych 
Youth, Crime & Society   077.383  L02  Smandych 
Community and Social Recon.   077.384  not offered 
Social Inequality   077.387  cancelled
400 Level Courses

Course Name Course Number Section Prof
Honours Seminar 077.445 not offered
Adv. Socio. Theory 077.446 S01 Axelrod
Research Methods I 077.447 S01 Linden
Research Methods II 077.448 S01 Halli
Curr. Iss. in Crim & Corr. 077.452   not offered
Health Care Seminar  077.454   Grant
Soc. of Aging   077.455   Strain
Adv. Soc. Theory 077.456 S01  Olsen

Graduate Level Courses

Course Name Course Number Section  Prof
Seminar in Urban Soci. 077.705   not offered
Seminar in Soc.of Religion 077.711   not offered
Seminar in Soc. of Educ. 077.712  L01 Kwong
Seminar of Develop. Countries 077.713  L01 Ramu
Selected Topics 077.716  L01 Ursel
Selected Topics: Theory 077.719   not offered
Selected Topics: Res. Meth. 077.724   not offered
Advanced Seminar 077.725   not offered
Selected Prob. in Soc. Psych. 077.726   not offered
Sem. in Theor of Crim. Behav.  077.728  L01 Smandych
Soc. of Law & Soc. Control  077.730   not offered
Sem. in Intergroup Rel.  077.731    not offered
Sem. in Pol. Soc.  077.732    Olsen
Sem. in the Family  077.734     not offered
Issues in Health Care   077.737   not offered
 Issues in Aging   077.738    not offered
 Survey Research Methods  077.739  L01  Wilkinson 
 Advanced Quantitative Research
 077.740  not offered
 Sel. Topics in Quant. Methods  077.741     not offered
 Qualitative Research Methods  077.742     not offered
 Seminar in Classical Soc. Theory  077.743      not offered
 Seminar in Contemp. Soc Theory  077.744  L01  Brown
 Sel. Topics in Criminology  077.745  L01  Bracken
 The Soc. of Comarative Industrial Rel.  077.746     not offered
 Evaluating Social Programs:  Crim. Justice Policy  077.747     not offered
 Social Inequality  077.748    not offered
 Globalization  077.749  L01  Ramu Olsen