B.Sc.(Dent.) Program

The Bachelor of Science in Dentistry Program for Dental Students is offered to permit interested dental students to undertake research during their undergraduate course. The program has been designed to ensure that participation in it will not interfere with the students' dental education.

Through active participation in a research program, the students will be given the opportunity to develop both skills in applying scientific knowledge to dental practice and an interest in dental research. In addition, the program will provide an additional qualification which may facilitate entry by the graduate into various advanced degree and specialty programs. 

Description of the Program:

    1.1 The program leading to a B.Sc.(Dent.) degree is designed to provide undergraduate dental students with an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in research design and methodology.

    1.2 The program is under the supervision of the B.Sc.(Dent.) subcommittee of the Graduate Studies and Research Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Undergraduate Research Committee). (see #2).

    1.3 The student is expected to carry out research in either the basic sciences or in a clinical area under the direction of a faculty supervisor.

    1.4 The program lasts for two summer terms, each consisting of a minimum of ten weeks. These two summer terms should be consecutive but may be otherwise on approval of the Undergraduate Research Committee and the student's supervisor.

    1.5 Each student taking the B.Sc.(Dent.) program must complete registration in the Dean's Office prior to commencing the course and before commencing the second summer of research.

    1.6 The student is required to make a progress report at the end of the first summer term (see #6). After the second summer term and completion of his/her research, the student is required to make an oral presentation and to submit a final report (see #7) acceptable to an Examining Committee (see #5).

    1.7 The B.Sc.(Dent.) degree will be conferred at the same time as the D.M.D. on those students who successfully complete the requirements for both degrees.

Responsibilities of the Undergraduate Research Committee:

          The Committee will supervise the operation of the B.Sc.(Dent.) program and will be directly for—

    2.1 Soliciting funds for stipends for students in the program.

    2.2 Informing students and potential supervisors, in February, of the program and the process of selection of students and projects.

    2.3 Selection of suitable projects for the B.Sc.(Dent.) program from those which have been submitted by potential supervisors.

    2.4 Selection of students who will undertake the B.Sc.(Dent.) program. The selection will take into consideration the stipulation of the granting agencies, which provide the student stipends, on such matters as class standing, etc.

    2.5 Informing the student, the Dean’s office, and the granting agency of the students selected. Students should be encouraged to write letters of thanks to the granting agency.

    2.6 Ensuring that an Examining Committee has been appointed for each student accepted into the program.

    2.7 Ensuring that a report is completed by each student by September 1st of their first year in the program. Students failing to provide a report will receive an “F” grade on their transcript and will not be allowed to continue into the second year of the program.

    2.8 Informing the Dean’s Office as to whether students have successfully completed their obligations at the end of each summer.

    2.9 Sending copies of the student’s reports to the Dean’s office for placement in the student’s file.

    2.10 Organization of the oral presentations.

    2.11 Submission of an annual report to the Graduate Studies and Research Committee of the Faculty of Dentistry.

Selection of Students, Faculty Supervisors, and Research Projects:

    3.1 Student selection will be based on academic achievement and the interest shown by the student in research. The final decision on student selection will rest with the Undergraduate Research Committee.

    3.2 The program is open to any dental student who has a minimum grade point average of 3.0 prior to registration.

    3.3 A minimum grade point average of 3.0 must be maintained during a student's time in the program or the student may be required to withdraw.

    3.4 Students with a grade point average of less than 3.0 may be considered for this program in exceptional circumstances.

    3.5 The nature of the research will be decided by the student and his/her supervisor. The Undergraduate Research Committee will receive a synopsis of the proposal (form supplied) and may suggest changes in the proposal to ensure (a) that the proposed work is of sufficient calibre or extent for the B.Sc.(Dent.) program, and (b) that it should be possible for the student to complete and write up the research in 20 weeks.

    3.6 Faculty members wishing to participate in the program must submit research proposals to the Undergraduate Research Committee. Students applying for entrance to the program should examine these proposals and are encouraged to discuss them with the respective staff member.

    3.7 The student and the supervisor of the project must reach a mutual agreement to pursue a course of study for two summer terms, each of 10 weeks.

Responsibilities of Faculty Members Participating in the B.Sc.(Dent.) Program:

    4.1 At the outset of the program, the supervisor should explain the project to the student and provide him/her with a written outline of the purpose of the project, the sequence of work to be carried out, and a time line. This work plan should be realistic, in keeping with the time available for the project and the expertise of the student.

    4.2 Supervisors should be willing to provide financial support for the research project, ongoing supervision and guidance to the student during the course of the summer project, and assist in the preparation of the written reports.

    4.3 An Examining Committee of three faculty members for each student will be appointed by the supervisor and the composition submitted to the Undergraduate Research Committee for approval. The chairman of this committee will be the supervisor. One member of the Examining Committee must be from a department other than that in which the research project is being carried out. The Examining Committee will be named during the first summer of work.

    4.4 The supervisor should ensure that the student submits two copies of a report, approved by the Examining Committee, to the Undergraduate Research Committee by September 1st after their first summer in the program.

    4.5 With respect to the final thesis and oral presentation, it is the major responsibility of the supervisor to ensure that the thesis fulfils the stated requirements and that the student receives adequate preparation and visual aid support to be able to provide a seminar comparable to those presented at a national or international scientific meeting (e.g. IADR).

The Examining Committee is responsible for:

    5.1 Deciding on the promotion of the student to the second year of the program on the basis of:
      5.1.1 A first year progress report (see #6).
      5.1.2 A letter of recommendation from his/her supervisor.
    5.2 Providing a pass/fail decision and critical comments on the student's oral presentation and final report (see #7).

    When an unanimous decision cannot be reached by the Examining Committee, the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research may appoint a special referee to meet with the Examining Committee in order to arrive at a fair decision.

Progress Report on Work Accomplished during the First Summer:

    6.1 Each student will be required to submit a written progress report of his/her first year work to his/her Examining Committee and the Graduate Studies and Research Committee by Sept. 1st.

    6.2 This report should not exceed 8 double-spaced typewritten pages.

    6.3 Students who do not produce a report will be awarded a grade of “F” and will be discontinued in the program.


    7.1 Oral Presentation
      7.1.1 On completion of the second term of research, each B.Sc.(Dent.) student will be required to make a short oral presentation of his/her work and respond to questions at a time which is convenient for the student, the Examining Committee, and the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research.

      7.1.2 The presentation will be made to an open audience in the style of a scientific meeting and will be chaired by the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research or his/her delegate.

      7.1.3 Each student must submit a typewritten abstract of the presentation to the Undergraduate Research Committee at least one week prior to the oral presentation. The abstract must be countersigned by the supervisor. The abstract should be put into a booklet and made available to those attending the presentation.
    7.2 Final Report

      7.2.1 The final report shall be prepared in the form of a manuscript suitable for submission toan appropriate journal.

      7.2.2 Five copies of the report shall be prepared, one each for the NJMHS Library, the members of the Examining Committee and the student.

      7.2.3 A progress report should be submitted to the Examining Committee by September 1st immediately following the second summer of work. The final report should have been submitted to the Examining Committee and the oral defence completed no later than the Monday following the February mid-term break. Students who do not meet these deadlines will be considered to have failed the program and will be awarded a grade of “F”.

      7.2.4 The cost of preparation of the report will be met from the appropriate departmental budget.





Applications must be submitted using the B.Sc. (Dent.) application form.

You are required to register, pay a registration fee, and talk with your supervisor regarding start date.

Please submit completed appplications to:

Dr. Raj Bhuller, Associate Dean (Research)
C/O Linda Delmage, Dept. of Oral Biology
D33-780 Bannatyne Avenue
College of Dentistry

Submission deadline for receipt of applications is February of 2018.