Archives Research Tutorial



What records do we have?

What should you expect?

Finding & accessing records

Handling records

Records appraisal & analysis

Integrating records into your assignment

Citing records in your assignment

Handling & Viewing Archival Records

Be careful handling documents and do not rearrange them or destroy the order in which they are arranged. Use only one box of material at a time and make sure you place records back in the correct box, file folder, and order. Due to the sensitive nature of many archival documents, some additional rules apply to the handling and treatment of records. No food or drink is allowed in the Archives reading room, and while handling documents pens or markers should not be used.

Older records, particularly private records, are often written in handwriting or language that is difficult for modern researchers and students to understand. Leave yourself ample time to carefully examine each record. Although the majority of our records are written in English, others do exist in French, Polish, Ukrainian, and other languages. Keep this in mind when choosing your research topic, especially if you wish to study a particular cultural or ethnic group.