Art Supplies & Stationery
We offer a tremendous range of products for the novice, the student, and the professional. As with all Bookstore departments, if you don't see it on the shelf, it doesn't mean we can't get it.  Drop by and and our helpful staff will be happy to help you find what you need for your project.

Art Supplies & Stationery main desk

Sketch books and pads of every size and paper type you need

A wide assortment of brushes for every job

One of our several displays of paints


What do we carry? Here'a a short list:

  • art papers
  • canvas
  • foamcore boards
  • acrylics
  • oils
  • watercolours
  • mat boards
  • brushes
  • pottery tools
  • printmaking
  • sketching
  • model design
  • pads
  • origami
  • art books
  • kids art products
  • calligraphy supplies
  • pastels
  • charcoal
  • easels
...and more!
  • University Logo and Crestware
  • Gift Certificates
  • Medical Instruments
  • Briefcases
  • Journals & Portfolios
  • Giftware
  • Jewelry
  • Mugs
  • Watches
  • Locks
  • Lamps

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