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Passwords protect and limit access to your personal data and to the IT resources at the University of Manitoba.

The University of Manitoba’s password standard and computer accounts usage agreement require everyone to change passwords and re-accept the usage agreement on an annual basis.

Individuals who have not changed passwords, or who have not re-accepted the usage agreement in the last 365 days, will receive an automated reminder from signUM 30 days before expiration date.

Getting Started

Password Reset

Follow the steps below, if you have forgotten your password and have previously set answers to security questions in Iridium or signUM.

Visit and click ' Forgot Password'. Type your username in the ‘User Login’ box and click ‘Next’.

Follow through the next few steps, where you will need to:

  1. Answer 3 of the security questions you have previously set
  2. Set a password that meets the following conditions:
    • Consist of a minimum of 10 characters (max 30)
    • Contain at least three of the following four character types:
      • Upper case characters
      • Lower case characters
      • Numerical characters
      • Special characters (_ #  %  ( ) . ^ { }  ! )
    • Be different from the previous 5 passwords
Please note that your password may be in the form of a passphrase -for example, "IamGr8erthanu."

Note: If you have never set answers to security questions you will need to contact the IST Service Desk.
You may also visit the IST Service Desk for assistance to reset your password or to enable or disable any accounts you may need to access.

Change your Password

You may change your password using either one of the following methods:

  1. On any internet connected device, log into signUM at, go to Self-Service>My Information and select “Change Password”
  2. On a University of Manitoba issued Windows workstation such as a departmental or lab computer, press  CTRL+ALT+DEL and select “Change a Password”

Note: You only need to change your password once in either signUM or in Windows as passwords are synchronized between Windows (Active Directory) and signUM.

How to Change your Password in signUM

Re-accept Usage Agreement

On any internet connected device, log into signUM at, go to Self-Service>My Information; read and accept the usage agreement by selecting “Usage Agreement Information”

If your usage agreement or password term has expired, you will not be able to log in to the University of Manitoba systems and workstations using your credentials. Use any other internet-connected device and log into signUM in order to change your password and reaccept the usage agreement.


Available to
Students, Staff, Faculty

A valid UMNetID is required.

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