MCHP Accreditation

Starting April, 2010, everyone with access to a MCHP computer system and all principal investigators on projects being carried out at MCHP must have completed an Accreditation session. This is a requirement for all researchers and analysts working on approved projects accessing the Manitoba Population Research Data Repository housed at MCHP, and must be completed annually. Each person's first Accreditation session must be a live session. Participation may be in person or via teleconference. Subsequent annual accreditation update sessions are required and will be completed online.

The purpose of the MCHP Accreditation is to provide a consistent overview of MCHP, and the data access and use process. It covers the MCHP mission, available data (Data Repository), and requirements for data use and publication of results developed from the MCHP Repository. The accreditation process includes signing a pledge of confidentiality as well as an agreement that you understand and will follow the process for doing research at MCHP.

To arrange to attend the in-person session or would like more information please contact the Accreditation Coordinator by email:

  1. Introduction to MCHP
  2. Data Repository and Research Resources
  3. Administrative Requirements and Research Support
  4. Privacy, Security and Confidentiality
  5. Project Costs and Timelines
  6. Updates for 2021 Annual Renewal 

The above sessions are available online for review. The annual accreditation verification process can be completed online through the following link: MCHP Annual Accreditation Renewal Questionnaire.

For further information on data access, use, and accreditation, please contact:

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Last updated:  May 28, 2021