Microsoft Bookings is an online and mobile app for Faculty and Departments at U Manitoba who provide services to individuals on an appointment basis.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Provides organization’s meetings virtual with online meetings via Microsoft Teams
  • A booking page where your students and or individuals can schedule appointments with a Staff or Faculty member
  • A web app that contains a set of web-based, business-facing pages where Bookings calendar owners and administrators within an organization can define appointment types and details, manage staff schedules and availability, set business hours, and customize how appointments are scheduled.
  • Employee opt-in requirement

Getting Started
To help you identify the problem confirm whether your license is assigned by trying to sign-in to Microsoft 365 before calling to report a problem.
Other common solutions are also shown below.

  • Open a web-browser on your device and navigate to
  • Sign-in using your UM email address and password. The Office 365 home page will open and display your most recently used applications and documents.
  • To launch any application not displayed on the Home page, click on the icon in the top-left corner of the page. This is the App launcher icon.

My Bookings is not showing up?

Bookings can be turned on or off for your entire organization or for specific users. When you turn on Bookings for users, they can create a Bookings page, create a calendar, and allow other people to book time with them. For more information please click here

I can’t add a staff member in bookings

The Staff page in Bookings is where you create your staffing list and manage staff member details such as name, phone number, and email address. You can also set working hours for each staff member from here. Although Bookings is a feature of Microsoft 365, not all your staff members are required to have a Microsoft 365 account. All staff members must have a valid email address so they can receive bookings and schedule changes.

  1. Go to the Manage staff page and select Add staff
  2. Select the Add Staff button.
  3. When adding staff from within your organization, type their name in the Add people field and select them when they appear in the drop-down menu. The other fields will automatically populate.

My bookings page is not publishing

  1. In Microsoft 365, select the app launcher, and then select Bookings.
  2. In the navigation pane, select Booking page.
  3. Click on Save to publish on top of the screen and then click on the Open published page to continue. More of this can be found on the support booking site.

Available to
Staff, Faculty and Students

A Valid UMNetID is required

Office 365 is designed to work best with Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise for Windows and Mac. Previous versions of Office, such as Office 2013, Office 2010, Office 2007, and Office for Mac 2011 are not supported, please upgrade to Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise.

For the best security and functionality, keep your web browser up to date. All modern browsers should update automatically, but please make sure your browser has auto-updates enabled.

For information on which browsers, Office clients, and apps are supported for Office 365, please visit the Office 365 System Requirements page on the Microsoft website.

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