Key Features and Benefits
Event Calendar is a simple to use event registration system with customizable forms to capture attendee information, and process secure online event payments. Enables promotion via email or social media with built-in designs, SEO-friendly with a dedicated page for each event, personalized link generation within email invitations, automatically sync attendee lists to the most recent data, social referral features for internal and external use to all major social media channels. Event Calendar has enhanced attendance tracking and reporting analytics to support professional development programs.

Getting Started
Create an IT Ticket to request a new Event Calendar service.
Provide additional request details in the Event Calendar Provisioning – Approval form and attach it to the IT Ticket.

Events Calendar User Guide - Site Admin
Events Calendar User Guide - Event Coordinator

Below are the three calendar views to choose from:

Summary View

Events Calendar Summary view



Calendar View

Events Calendar Calendar view



List View

Events Calendar List view


Read the guidelines created by the Access and Privacy Office to help event planners comply with privacy legislation while enabling you to collect and use the appropriate amount of information you need to know to plan and host a successful event on campus.

Available to
Faculty, Staff

Approval from Dean, Director or Department head and Marketing Communications Office is required for a new Event Calendar or Category under an existing Event Calendar.

No cost


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