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Research Theses

The thesis is a central requirement of the program. This page lists archival studies theses that have been completed.

JMP theses in progress.

108. “Archival Harm Reduction: Utilizing Public Health Harm Reduction Concepts for Reconciliatory Power Shifts in Archives.” (by Krystal Payne) 2021. now online

107. “Flora and Fonds: Activating Herbaria as Archives.” (by Laura Elsie Garinger) 2021. now online

106. "To (Pre)Serve the Nation: The Importance of a National Presence for a National Archives in the Digital Age." (by Ryan Courchene) 2020. now online

105. "Scribbles in the Archives: Records of Childhood in Canadian Archives." (by Kristine Lehew) 2020. now online

104. "Towards Transdisciplinary Archival Strategies: Canadian Cartographic Materials in a Digital Context." (by Melissa Castron) 2020. now online

103. “‘I Have Become All Things to All People’: Spirituality in Church Archives & Digital Preservation.” (by Jared Warkentin) 2020. now online

102. “Permission to Feel: Refocusing Provenance on Emotions Using the Photographs of the Dave White Family Fonds.” (by Seon Young Min) 2020. now online

101. “Above and Beyond the File: Preserving Digital Environments.” (by Andrew Webster) 2020. now online
100. “The Role of Archives in Indigenous Language Maintenance and Resurgence.” (by Samantha Booth) 2020. now online

99. "Archives of the North, by the North, for the North: The Meaning, Value, and Challenges of Creating, Keeping and Running Archives in the Canadian Territories." (by Jason Carrie) 2020. now online

98. "At the Intersection of Archives, Human Rights and Museums: The Canadian Museum for Human Rights and Its Archives” (by Christopher Calesso) 2020. now online

97.  "Transparency and Access to Records at Intergovernmental Organizations: IAEA and NATO” (by Christopher Kshyk) 2020. now online

96. “Building Bridges: Dismantling Eurocentrism in Archives and Respecting Indigenous Ways of Doing It Right,”(by Carmen Miedema) 2019. now online

95. “Preserving Interactivity: Towards Next Generation Digital Preservation Philosophy and Systems,” (by Jordan Roy) 2019. now online

94. “Microfilm in the Archives: Past Use, Present Sustainability and Future Transformation,” (by Preeti Kaur) 2019. now online

93. “Giving Life to the Truth:  Indigenous Art as a Pathway to Archival Decolonization,” (by Petra Lundy) 2018. now online

92. “Accessing Manitoba’s Archives: Exploring the Status and Responses to Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Rights at the Archives of Manitoba,” (by Kevin Palendat), 2018. now online

91. “Practical Digital Solutions: A DIY Approach to Digital Preservation,” (by Tyler McNally), 2018. now online

90. “Decolonizing Provenance:  An Examination of Types of Provenance and Their Role in Archiving Indigenous Records in Canada,” (by Leesha Cowan), 2018. now online

89. "Hybrid Recordkeeping: Bridging Analogue and Digital Recordkeeping at Great-West Life,” (by Alanna Wood), 2018. now online

88. “Records on the Go: The Intersection of Mobile Devices and Archives,” (by Marta Dabros), 2017. now online

87. “Picturing Archives: The National Photography Collection, Public Archives of Canada, 1975-1986,” (by Nicole Courrier), 2017. now online

86. “Toward a Collaborative Online Framework for Archival Representation,” (by Elizabeth-Anne Johnson), 2017. now online

85. “Offering our Gifts, Partnering for Change: Decolonizing Experimentation in Winnipeg-based Settler Archives,” (by Sarah Story), 2017. now online

84. “Novel Ideas: Archives in English-Canadian Literary Life and Fiction, 1960-2017,” (by Chantel Fehr), 2017. now online

83.  “The National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation and the Pursuit of Archival Decolonization,” (by Jesse Boiteau), 2017. now online

82. “‘Keep Holding On’: The Uses, Continuing Value, and Enduring Power of the Records of the First World War,” (by Holly McElrea), 2017. now online

81.  “‘Canada Lives Here’: Situating the CBC Digital Archives Within the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Archival Landscape,” (by Jessica Nichol), 2017. now online

80. “Towards a Master’s Program in Archival Studies at the School of Library and Information Studies, University of the Philippines,” (by Mary Grace Golfo-Barcelona), 2017. now online

79.  “‘Society Seems Like It Doesn’t Even Know...’: Archival Records Regarding People Labelled with Intellectual Disability Who Have Been Institutionalized in Manitoba,” (by Mary Horodyski), 2016. now online

78. “Another Bit Bytes the Dust: The Technological and Human Challenges of Digital Preservation,” (by Christopher Zaste), 2016. now online

77. “Defining ‘Community’ in Models of Community Archives: Navigating the Politics of Representation as Archival Professionals,” (by Sarah Ramsden), 2016. now online

76. Aditus Ad Archivum: Exploring Access to Catholic Diocesan Archives in Canada,” (by Tyyne Petrowski), 2016. now online

75. “Of Space, Time, and the Archives Between: The Life of Hugh A. Taylor and the Redefinition of the Archival Cosmos,” (by Jarad Buckwold), 2016. now online

74.“Animation Matters: The Richard Condie fonds and Archiving Animation,” (by Erin Acland), 2016. now online

73. “The Advocate’s Archive: Walter Rudnicki and the Fight for Indigenous Rights in Canada, 1955-2010,” (by Amanda Linden), 2016. now online

72. “The Work of Archives in the Age of Audio Reproduction: Archival Theory and Recorded Sound,” (by David Cuthbert), 2016. now online

71. “Medical Records Redefined: The Value of the Archival Record in Medical Research,” (by Natalie Vielfaure), 2015. now online

70. “Archival Foote-steps: The Lewis B. Foote First World War Photographs and Approaches to Digital Exhibitions,” (by Danna Slessor-Cobb), 2015.

69. “Acute Condition? Exploring the Status of Corporate Archives in Canadian Hospitals,” (by Emma Claire Prescott), 2014.

68. “A Canadian Traveller’s Tale: Lillian B. Allen and Documenting Travel, 1927-1979,” (by Tara Sadler), 2014.

67. “Information Oversight: Archives And Recordkeeping Practices In Manitoba Municipalities,” (by Andrea Martin), 2014.

66. “From Scattering Seeds to Planting Rows: Bringing in New Academic Researchers to University Archives,” (by Jeanette Lynn Mockford), 2013.

65. “Reading Behind the Lines: Archiving the Canadian News Media Record,” (by Josephine Sallis), 2013.

64. “Advocating Electronic Records: Archival And Records Management Promotion Of New Approaches To Long-Term Digital Preservation,” (by Daniel Elves), 2012

63. “The Interactive Archives: Social Media and Outreach,” (by Joan Marguerite Sinclair), 2012.

62. “Outreach in the Academic Community: Enhancing the Teaching Role of University Archives,” (by Bryan Bance), 2012.

61. "The Archival Web: Contextual Authority Files and the Representation of Institutional Textual Documents in Online Description," (by Madeleine McLuhan-Myers), 2012.

60. "Looking Under the Hood: Unraveling the Content, Structure, and Context of Functional Requirements for Electronic Recordkeeping Systems," (by Konrad Krahn), 2012.

59. “Why Does It Take So Long? Implementing Electronic Records Programs at Universities.” (by Guillermo Fiebelkorn), 2012.

58. "Getting Personal: Confronting the Challenges of Archiving Personal Records in a Digital Age," (by Jordan Bass), 2012.

57. "Diplomatic Records, Archival Description, and the Canadian Department of External Affairs in the 1920s," (by Anna Shumilak), 2012.

56. "Adding Gender to the Archival Contextual Turn: The Rocky Mountain Photographic Records of Mary Schäffer Warren," (by Jennifer Rutkair), 2011.

55. "Filling Up the House: Building an Appraisal Strategy for Curling Archives in Manitoba," (by Allan Neyedly), 2011.

54. "Archives, Willard Ireland, Regina v. White and Bob, and Calder v. the Attorney General of British Columbia, 1963-1973, and the Expansion of Aboriginal Rights in Canada," (by Anne Lindsay), 2011.

53. "The Archival Eye: New Ways for Archivists to Look at and Describe Photographs," (by Ian Keenan), 2011.

52. "Hitting the Right Note: Developing an Archival Appraisal Strategy for Musicking Records in Manitoba" (by Carmen Lowe), 2010.

51. "Participatory Archiving: Exploring a Collaborative Approach to Aboriginal Societal Provenance" (by Michelle Rydz), 2010.

50. "Rebel Collectors: Human Rights and Archives in Central America and the Human Rights Commission of El Salvador and the Resource Center of the Americas, 1978-2007" (by Graham Stinnett), 2010.

49.  "Archives and Human Rights: Lessons from the Heiner Affair" (by Jonathan Nordland), 2010.

48.  "Archives as a Cornerstone of Community Growth: Developing Community Archives in Brandon, Manitoba" (by Ian Richards), 2009.

47. "The Creation of Pictorial Order: Developing a Records Management System for Manitoba Hydro Corporate Photographs" (by Jenara Franklin), 2009.

46. "Reconnecting Mind and Matter: Materiality in Archival Theory and Practice" (by Ala Rekrut), 2009.

45. "Toward the Archives of Archives: The New Archival History, Accountability, and the Documentation of Archival Appraisal" (by Christy Morgan Henry), 2009.

44. "Coming Full Circle?: Aboriginal Archives in B.C. in Canadian and International Perspective" (by Rita-Sophia Mogyorosi), 2008.

43. "Memento Mori: An Archival Strategy for Documenting Mortality on the Canadian Frontier at Red Lake, Ontario, before 1950" (by John Richthammer), 2007.

42."'The Texture of the Everyday': Appraising the Values of Women's Diaries and Weblogs" (by Heather Beattie), 2007

41."Arbitrary Borders? New Partnerships for Cultural Heritage Siblings - Libraries, Archives and Museums: Creating Integrated Descriptive Systems" (by Katherine Timms), 2007

40."The Long and Short of IT: The International Development Research Centre as a Case Study for a Long-term Digital Preservation Strategy" (by Lori Podolsky Nordland), 2007

39."The Art of Description: Finding a Place for Works of Art in Archival Descriptive Standards and Practice" (by Blythe Koreen), 2006

38.“Franco-Manitoban Memory Online: ‘Au pays de Riel’ as a Case Study in Archival Public Programming”(by Diane Boyd), 2006

37.“Art and Archives: Theoretical and Practical Definitions of ‘Documentary Art’ in Canadian Archives” (by Rachelle Ross), 2006

36."Organizations, Organizational Theory, and Archival Appraisal Theory” (by Paula Warsaba), 2006

35.“Nature’s Memory: Building an Appraisal Strategy for Ontario Provinicial Parks, Algonquin Provincial Park as a Case Study” (by Charlotte Woodley), 2006

34.“Becoming Digital: The Challenges of Archiving Digital Photographs” (by Karen Simonson), 2006

33."Rethinking Archival Appraisal: Macroappraisal as a Technology for Cities" (by Cynthia Kent), 2005.

32."Archives in the Classroom: Reaching Out to Younger Canadians Through Archival Documents" (by Heather Pitcher), 2005

31."Writing Wrongs: Archival Theory, Therapeutic Writing, and the Proposed Child Abuse Survivor Archive at the University of Manitoba" (by Julianna Trivers), 2005.

30."'Every Requisite Information': Contextual Provenance in the Records of the Commissioner's Office of the Hudson's Bay Company, 1884-1910." (by Lisa Friesen), 2005.

29."Archives, Historical Climate Records, and the Climate Observations of Thomas Corcoran, Hudson's Bay Company, 1827-1841" (by Martin Comeau), 2005.

28."Drafting an Archival Blueprint for Engineering Records in Manitoba: Developing a Thematic Guide to Engineering Records" (by Brett Lougheed), 2005.

27."Coming of Age: Specialized Public Programming for Older Canadians" (by Crista Bradley), 2005.

26."Archives, Postmodernism and the Internet: The Return to Historical Narrative in Archival Public Programming" (by Scott Goodine), 2005.

25."Toward the New Genealogy: Genealogical Research in Archives and the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society,
(by Christie Woods), 2004.

24."A History of the City of Regina Archives, 1929-2004" (by Carey Isaak), 2004

23."Collecting Our Thoughts and Re-Collecting Our Stories: The Collection of Personal Records in Archival Institutions" (by Leah Sander), 2004

22."La situation des archives de communautés religieuses: Le cas des Soeurs Grises du Manitoba" (by Jacinthe Duval), 2004

21."Thinking Outside the Box: Re-Imagining Archival Description with the 'Series' System" (by Dan Davies), 2003

20."Photograph/Writing with Light: The Challenge to Archivists of Reading Photographs" (by Bronwen Quarry), 2003

19."Le service des archives du College universitaire de Saint-Boniface: son établissement et son avenir" (by Carole Barnabé), 2002

18."From Paper to Cyberspace: Changing Communication Technologies and the Implications for Personal Records Archivists" (by Karyn Taylor), 2002

17."Remapping Archives: Cartographic Archives in Theory and Practice at the Provincial Archives of Manitoba" (by Kara Quann), 2001

16."Going Public: A History of Public Programming at the Hudson's Bay Company Archives" (by Allison Gregor), 2001

15."Picture This: Hudson's Bay Company Calendar Images and Their Documentary Legacy, 1913-1970" (by Andrea Paci), 2000

14."'Guide' vs 'Gatekeeper': Information Rights Legislation and the Provincial Archives of Manitoba" (by Jacqueline Nicholls), 2000

13."Redrawing the Boundaries of Societal Memory: Introducing a Modified Macro-Appraisal Approach at the Great-West Life Assurance and the London Life Insurance Companies" (by Martha McLeod), 2000

12."Manitoba Mennonite Archives and Canadian Mennonite Collective Memory" (by Don Kroeker), 2000

11."Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench in Equity, 1872-1895: A Study in Legal Administration and Records" (by Sharon McCullough), 2000

10."'An Administered People': A Contextual Approach to the Study of Bureaucracy, Records-Keeping, and Records in the Canadian Department of Indian Affairs, 1755-1950" (by Brian Hubner), 2000

9."From Dusty Papers to Archival Treasures: Canadian Municipal Archives, the City of Winnipeg Archives, and the Records of Winnipeg City Council, 1874-1971" (by Sara Hemingway-Conway), 2000

8."Telling Stories Around the 'Electronic Campfire': The Use of Archives in Television Productions" (by Kathleen Epp), 1999

7."The Preservation Crisis and Beyond: A Recommendation to Microfilm the Textual Records of the Historical Responsibility Centre at the Provincial Archives of Manitoba" (by Calla Grabish), 1998

6."Archival Perspectives on the Evolution and Organizational Impact of E-Mail System Technologies" (by David Horky), 1998

5."Maintaining Our Documentary Heritage: The Challenge of Electronic Records Archives at the University of Manitoba" (by Mark Vajcner), 1997

4."The Value of Community-Based Ethnic Archives: A Resource in Development" (by Lisa Singer), 1997

3."Memos and Minutes: Arnold Heeney, the Cabinet War Committee and the Establishment of the Canadian Cabinet Secretariat During the Second World War" (by Brian Masschaele), 1995

2."An Archival Administrative History of the Northern Stores Department, Hudson's Bay Company, 1959-1987" (by Geraldine Alton Harris), 1994

1."'Custodians of a Great Inheritance': An Account of the Making of the Hudson's Bay Company Archives, 1920-1974" (by Deidre Simmons), 1994