Academic Standing

Students are evaluated at the conclusion of each academic term in which they receive a final grade in a minimum of 6 credit hours of course material (excluding Special Student credit hours), with the assessment being based on the resulting Term Grade Point Average (TGPA) in those courses. This assessment shall be based on only those courses which form part of the student's Engineering Program.  The academic assessments are as follows:

Good Academic Standing
A student with a TGPA of 2.00 or higher is in Good Academic Standing.

Academic Warning Letter
The first time the student’s TGPA drops below 2.00, he/she will receive an Academic Warning. Students who receive such a warning are required to meet with an academic advisor from their department or, in the Preliminary Engineering Program, from the Dean's Office.

Academic Probation
The second time that a student’s TGPA drops below 2.00, the student will be placed on Academic Probation.

Required to Withdraw
The third time that a student’s TGPA drops below 2.00, the student will be Required to Withdraw. Students who receive such a suspension shall be ineligible to take Engineering courses from the end of the term for which the suspension was issued through to the start of that same term in the subsequent academic year (normally, a period of 8 months.)

In order to be reinstated following the suspension period, the student must submit a written application for reinstatement to the Associate Dean (Undergraduate Programs). Applications must be received between 30-60 days in advance of the effective date of reinstatement; requests made earlier than 60 days in advance will not be accepted.

Ineligible to Proceed in Engineering
A student shall be Ineligible to Proceed in Engineering under either of the following conditions:

a) The student’s TGPA drops below 2.00 for a fourth time, or;

b) The ratio of credit hours passed to credit hours attempted for that student drops below 75%, and the student has attempted a minimum of 72 credit hours.

For further information on the Price Faculty of Engineering's policies and procedures, please refer directly to the University of Manitoba Academic Calendar or stop by the Civil Engineering Office to talk to an advisor.