In Memoriam - Dr. Peter Rasmussen


Department of Civil Engineering
University of Manitoba

Research Interests

  • Statistical analysis of hydrologic data
  • Stochastic models for precipitation and streamflow
  • Climate change assessment
  • Estimation of design flow in ungauged basins
  • Flood forecasting

Selected Journal Papers

Lespinas, F., Fortin, V., Roy, G., Rasmussen, P., & Stadnyk, T. (2015). Performance evaluation of the Canadian Precipitation Analysis (CaPA). Journal of Hydrometeorology, 16(5), 2045-2064.

Rasmussen, P.F. (2015) Assessing the impact of climate change on the frequency of floods in the Red River basin. Canadian Water Resources Journal, 41 (1-2), 331-342.

Choi, W., Kim, S.J., Lee, M., Koenig, K., Moore, A., and P.F. Rasmussen (2014) Hydrological impacts of warmer and wetter climate in Troutlake and Sturgeon River basins in central Canada. Water Resources Management, 28(15), 5319-5333.

Wasko, C., Sharma, A., and P.F. Rasmussen (2013) Combined copula interpolation for hydrological data. Water Resources Research, Water Resources Research, 49(7), 3927–3935.

Halket, I.H., P.F. Rasmussen, and J.C. Doering (2013) The effect of the pool and riffle on mass transport in rivers. Water Quality Research Journal of Canada, 48(3), 232-242.

Rasmussen, P.F. (2013) Multi-site precipitation generation using a latent autoregressive model. Water Resources Research, 49(4), 1845–1857.

Tareghian, R. and P.F. Rasmussen (2013) Statistical downscaling of precipitation using quantile regression. Journal of Hydrology, 487, 122–135.

Tareghian, R. and P.F. Rasmussen (2012) Analysis of Arctic and Antarctic sea ice extent using quantile regression. International Journal of Climatology, 33(5), 1079-1086.

Gelati, E., Bøssing Christensen, O., Rasmussen, P.F., and D. Rosbjerg (2010) Downscaling atmospheric patterns to multi-site precipitation amounts in southern Scandinavia. Hydrology Research, 41 (3-4), 193-210.