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Living in a new culture can be exhilarating, personally rewarding, and intellectually stimulating. It can also be frustrating and involves certain responsibilities such as adapting to the customs and expectations of the host country. Another responsibility is to remain open in order to become aware of similarities and differences, to learn rather than to judge. At the same time, you may experience some emotional difficulties as you integrate into a new society, which is known as "culture shock". But adjusting to a foreign culture and living through difficult times of change can be a satisfying experience, one worth the occasional discomfort and extra effort. Therefore, in order to make it easier for you, we have selected some websites and arranged them in a format to help you prepare for facing culture shock.

By following the steps provided for you below, you would be one step closer to getting prepared for going overseas and getting familiar with the kind of information you need to know before you enter your destination country.

The International Centre Pre-Departure Handbook For University of Manitoba Students Travelling Abroad  provides valuable information on immigration matters and loan procedures, documentation, insurance, financial concerns, other health-related matters, etc. It also discusses cultural issues and ways to prepare you for life abroad. The handbook is a good starting-point for getting your affairs in order prior to an exchange.

Note: It is worth mentioning that some of the following site might have been specifically designed for American students; but the information provided is applicable for all study abroad students - whether outgoig or incoming.

Step 1: Learn about Culture Shock

Step 2: Fitting In

Step 3: Reverse Culture Shock

Step 4: Find out about Canada

For more information regarding exchange & partner programs, please contact the International Engineering Programs Office:

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