How Co-op/IIP works

Co-op/IIP connects employers with motivated students who have been prepared to contribute to their organizations. Students take time away from their academic studies and enhance their learning by working in an engineering related job and completing a reflective learning assignment. Students have an opportunity to explore different career choices and develop contacts in the industry during the three work terms included in the program.

Flexible work terms and year-round availability of students allows each employer to create the Co-op/IIP program that works best for their industry conditions. Ease of recruiting saves time and money for employers. 


Each year, Co-op/IIP hosts a number of events to help build strong relationships between students and industry. In partnership with the University of Manitoba Engineering Society, Monday Night H.I.R.E.D. (Helping Industry Reach Engineering Students Directly) events provide employers with the opportunity to speak to students about their company and industry, sharing what opportunities may be available, along with personal insights. Some students have even received job offers at these presentations. The annual Reverse Career Fair it is a great opportunity for students to meet employers and find out what they are looking for in employees. There are many other events throughout the year that help students make strong connections with industry partners. 

Co-op/IIP opportunities for students

Complement your academic study with paid work experience in the engineering profession.

The training and experience you receive during a co-op or industrial internship work term, combined with your academic engineering knowledge, will better prepare you for your professional career. By participating in the program, you’ll have an opportunity to explore different career pathways and develop contacts in the industry.

Through professional career development seminars and one to one coaching, we offer support in creating a professional resumé and cover letter, preparing for interviews, understanding workplace culture, using LinkedIn, and participating in exclusive networking events. Our program works with over 300 employers and offers access to exciting job opportunities that will enhance your education and increase your exposure to possible future employers.

Work terms

To complete the program and graduate with the Co-op/IIP designation on your parchment, you must complete a minimum of 12 months worth of work terms. Work terms are flexible with the option of working 4, 8, 12 or 16 month placements. You can complete work terms in the summer or during academic terms.

If you accept a job to be counted as Co-op/IIP, you must register for a Co-op/IIP work term course and pay the required tuition fees. You will be required to prepare a written report for each work term, due approximately two weeks before the end of the placement.

Your Co-op/IIP work term fee pays for all the support and services of the Co-op/IIP. Work term fees are directed back to Co-op/IIP and allow the program to reach more employers, more industry councils and offer more services and support to students.


Co-op/IIP education provides students with supports and opportunities to:

  • Gain career development and employment support from the Co-op/IIP team of coordinators and staff from the application process to graduation.
  • Develop crucial technical and employability skills.
  • Earn money to supplement education costs. All Co-op/IIP students are provided with a competitive compensation plan.
  • Build a resume/portfolio. Each work term allows students to expand their resume to include new skills developed during real work experience.
  • Explore career options and define long-term goals.
  • Gain confidence in their abilities and identify areas that are in need of further development.
  • Develop and maintain important industry contacts.
  • Maintain student status with the faculty and UM during extended 12 or 16 month work placements.
  • Be assisted in completing Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba reports for EIT credit and begin earning EIT credit after successfully completing 58 degree credit hours.
  • Apply with Co-op/IIP exclusive awards such as the Friends of Engineering Co-op/IIP student of the Year, UM Co-op Students of the Year, CEWIL Canada student of the year.
  • Reflect and learn at a higher level that supports “industry Ready” graduates.
  • Gain support from an Engineer-in-Residence dedicated to Co-op/IIP support.
  • Gain Co-op designations on transcripts and parchments that are an advantage when seeking permanent employment.

How it works

It works when we work together!

The Co-operative Education and Industrial Internship Program (Co-op/IIP) at the Price Faculty of Engineering includes trained and experienced coordinators, administrative staff, academic staff and professional engineers. We provide students with specific industry focused employability skills, help develop work place readiness, and assist with the reporting requirements of the Engineers and Geoscientists of Manitoba. Students take time away from their academic studies and enhance their learning by working in an engineering related job and completing a reflective learning assignment. Employers provide opportunities for students to find meaningful paid work placements.


  • Learn about the application process, explore the benefits of Co-op/IIP and contact us about applying to the program.


  • Students should read and fully understand the Rules and Regulations prior to signing and submitting their acceptance agreement. A signed commitment form must be submitted for students to participate in the program.


  • Build your resume and cover letter. Begin researching opportunity for students within industry.
  • Co-op/IIP staff will help you by providing support through the
    UM Connect Portal, outside job postings and networking opportunities.


  • Connect with employers and secure a work placement with the support of Co-op/IIP.


  • Employers supervise and provide feedback to students.


  • Reflect and write your work term report to document your experience. Co-op/IIP will then review and provide students with feedback prior to the report submission to Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba.


Students who are in good academic standing and enrolled in any department within the Price Faculty of Engineering at the University of Manitoba can apply. The Price Faculty of Engineering offers co-operative education and industrial internships in all departments and programs, including Biosystems, Civil, Electrical and Computer, and Mechanical Engineering.

Applications are accepted for Co-op/IIP every fall. Co-op/IIP supports the application and participation of all students who meet the requirements and wish to apply.

Successful applicants to Co-op/IIP:

  • Attend an information session. 
  • Are undergraduate Engineering students who have been accepted into a department.
  • Complete all 12 first-year Engineering courses before the first work term.
  • Successfully complete 42 credit hours towards their degree by the end of the Fall term.
  • Are in good academic standing (GPA above 2.0) and not on probation or academic warning.
  • Agree to follow all rules and regulations of the program as detailed in the Student Handbook.
  • Civil students must have completed CIVIL 2840 Civil Engineering Geomatics. 

Based on employer feedback, students who have followed a recommended model program for their department are better prepared for success. This includes having completed, or being currently registered to complete, the following courses before the end of the winter term:

  • Biosystems students – BIOE 2900: Design 1
  • Civil Students – ENG2030/2040: Engineering Communications
  • Computer Engineering Students – ENG2030/2040: Engineering Communications
  • Electrical Students – ENG2030/2040: Engineering Communications
  • Mechanical Students – ENG2030/2040: Engineering Communications

Students should have had at least one paid employment experience, or equivalent, prior to completing the application process. This may include volunteer, part time or occasional work. Co-op/IIP staff can provide assistance during the application period if required. Co-op/IIP staff want to help you through the process.

Students who are placed on academic warning or academic probation may either be removed from Co-op/IIP or have their acceptance deferred until they have completed two consecutive terms with an academic standing of “satisfactory.”

How to apply

Intake into our program happens each fall term through a series of steps and activities, including info sessions, an interview and support with your application to help prepare you for your work terms.

Step 1

  • Watch for an email from the Engineering Co-op/IIP Office inviting all eligible students to apply in early September.
  • Attend one of our Co-op/IIP Information sessions offered in September.

Step 2

  • Email us at to gain access to our online application on the Engineering Co-op/IIP portal in UM Connect. Include your student number and department in your email.
  • Complete the online Application Package before October 26th.

Step 3

  • Work with your Co-op Coordinator on any required revisions.
  • Schedule and attend an intake meeting.

Step 4

  • Receive approval of documents from your Co-op Coordinator
  • Receive an invite to our mandatory Orientation Session
  • Review the Orientation Session, sign and submit your acceptance agreement to your Co-op Coordinator

Step 5

  • Register and attend our mandatory interview workshop.

These steps are mandatory before acceptance into Co-op/IIP is granted. If you miss a deadline or a required sessions/workshop acceptance will be delayed. Some sessions are offered each term, others are only offered once a year.

Resumes, cover letters and your statement of purpose must be approved by your Co-op Coordinator before acceptance into Co-op/IIP is granted. If additional work and revisions are required these need to be completed before registering for the interview workshop.

Student commitment

Participation in the Co-op /IIP is a choice to enhance student learning. It is not mandatory. Acceptance into the program requires students to understand and adhere to the program’s Rules and Regulations (PDF). The following is a synopsis of the expectations for students who wish to be in the program and those who have been accepted:

  • Ensure that all academic requirements are being met.
  • Maintain good financial standing with the University.
  • Understand and adhere to all Co-op/IIP guidelines and deadlines for application nd reporting.
  • Represent Engineering Co-op/IIP in a professional and ethical manner.
  • Follow all employer policies and procedures.
  • Attend all mandatory Co-op/IIP meetings and interviews.
  • Ensure that resumes and cover letters are professional in appearance and effective as marketing tools.
  • Take responsibility for finding work placements and ask for support when required.
  • Include all work placements as Co-op/IIP work terms, regardless of how they are obtained.
  • Pay for all work term tuition and course fees.
  • Seek to complete the Program by obtaining three Co-op/IIP work terms.
  • Apply for an appropriate number of jobs.
  • Arrange for work permits (international students).
  • Submit all required Co-op/IIP forms.
  • Check your UM email account regularly for information and updates.

International students

International students are encouraged to apply for Co-op/IIP.

International students accepted into the Co-op/IIP must obtain a Co-op work permit. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Begin your online application for a work permit with the federal government.
  2. Request a letter from the Co-op/IIP office detailing the conditions of participation and employment. This letter will ask that the work authorization permit be valid until the completion of all work terms. It must be uploaded to the above application package.
  3. Once you have completed the application and uploaded all the required documents you can submit the application.

There is no fee for work permit applications within internship or co-op programs.

Once the work permit has been prepared it will be forwarded directly to the applicant's home address.

A copy of the work authorization permit must be submitted to both the work term employer and the Co-op/IIP Office prior to the commencement of the work term. 

Once international students have secured a position, a Social Insurance Number must be obtained. Information on the process can be found on the Government of Canada website. Applications can be submitted at any Service Canada Centre with the required documents. This should be done as soon as a placement has been secured.

International students are not permitted to begin a work term without a SIN number or work term permit.

Canadian federal government policy dictates that international students are only allowed to work for federal departments and agencies if no students with Canadian citizenship are available. International students may apply for federal government co-op positions in the regular recruitment process but must indicate their international student status in their cover letter.

Co-op/IIP opportunities for employers

The Price Faculty of Engineering at the University of Manitoba is committed to assisting employers find the right students for work placements. We will provide you with access to skilled students who can assist you in your work with projects, process improvement, and day-to-day business.

Co-operative Education and Industrial Internships (Co-op/IIP) are offered through all engineering departments, including:

  • Biosystems
  • Civil
  • Electrical and Computer
  • Mechanical
  • Internationally Educated Engineering Qualification (IEEQ) program

Flexible work terms to meet your business needs

Flexible work terms (4, 8, 12, or 16 months) will allow you to create a co-operative work placement or internship that works best for your organization. The ease of recruiting will save you time and money. By hiring a student, you will also be eligible for provincial and federal subsidies and tax credits.

Benefits for employers

Co-op/IIP works with employers to support their organizational needs. Hiring a Co-op/IIP student can provide many benefits to employers, such as:

  • Students are available for 4, 8, 12 or 16 month terms beginning in January, May or September giving you an employee when you need them for as long as you need them.
  • Use Co-op/IIP as a recruitment strategy for industry ready grads.
  • Our office will help advertise your posting and assist in finding the best candidate(s).
  • The hiring process is at your discretion, with our support. (No rank and match)
  • Motivated students! All Co-op/IIP students are required to complete resume and interview workshops as well as participate in mock interviews.
  • Co-op/IIP students are accountable to us and are required to complete a report for each four-month period.
  • Our office will assist and provide documentation to your company in order to take advantage of the Co-op/IIP student hiring incentives available.

How it works for employers

It works when we work together!

Hiring through the Co-op/IIP provides access, information and support to funding opportunities for student hiring that may only be available for students enrolled in a cooperative education program. Co-op/IIP employers are vital to helping graduate industry-ready students.



  • Post a position on UM Connect.
  • Multiple work term options are available.
  • Student applications can be received directly through Career Connect or emailed directly to you.


  • Interview and hire a student, there is no rank and match process.
  • Make meaningful connections with students!

Co-op/IIP staff can help promote the opportunity, support interview logistics and assist you to make choices that could improve student response to the posting. 

How to get started

The Co-op/IIP includes a business and professional development specialist who will work with you to help develop and promote Co-op/IIP opportunities to students. The program has flexible posting dates in order to fully support the recruitment, application and interview processes of employers. Hiring through the Co-op/IIP also provides access, information and support to funding opportunities for student hiring that may only be available for students enrolled in a cooperative education program.

Connecting with students

Each year, Co-op/IIP hosts a number of events to help build strong relationships between students and industry.

Monday Night H.I.R.E.D. (Helping Industry Reach Engineering Students Directly)

These events provide employers with the opportunity to speak to students about their company, industry, and share what opportunities may be available and personal insights. For students it is a great opportunity to meet employers and find out what they are looking for in employees. Some students have even received job offers at these presentations.

Reverse Career Fair

It’s a Career Fair where the tables are turned. No planning, lugging, hauling, moving and dragging—that’s all up to the students! They are in their booths waiting for you, the employers, to learn about their skills, experiences, projects, and why they would be a great fit for your company. It’s FREE and a fun way to meet our great students for your upcoming summer or fall positions and full-time positions for NEW GRADS.

ASE Career Fair

The annual ASE Career Fair at the University of Manitoba is coordinated by Career Services, the Faculty of Agriculture Student Organization (FASO) and the University of Manitoba Engineering Society (UMES). In 2017, more than 70 exhibitors participated with more than 1100 students in attendance.

Hiring a student

Co-op/IIP students can be selected from your application pool and contacted directly to arrange interviews. If required, interview rooms are available in our faculty. If you require one, please contact us to request a room booking. When you have selected a student for the position, please send them a formal offer of employment for their records. They require this for their Co-op/IIP files. Once the student has accepted your offer, you can inform the Co-op/IIP office of your successful hire. We will update our files and ensure you get the appropriate letters for claiming the tax credits.

Wages and fees

The average wage of our Co-op/IIP student is $19.50 per hour, with a range of $17-$25+ per hour, depending on the job, skills required and length of the term. Students pay a work term course fee for the Co-op/IIP program that provides them with professional support through the Co-op/IIP process and course. This includes the completion of their work term report that is assessed by a PEng to receive credit within their engineering program. The course fees are approximately $400.00 for every 4-month term, excluding university fees. Some employers choose to pay these course fees as part of the student’s remuneration package.

Contact us

Co-operative Education and Industrial Internship Program
Price Faculty of Engineering 
SP347 Stanley Pauley Engineering Building
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