Network Port Change Request Form

This form provides departmental computer-reps with a quick means for requesting the activation, deactivation, changing, and obtaining the status of network ports on campus.

For advanced network requests, help with this form, or any other questions or concerns, please contact the IST Help & Solutions Centre.

Departmental computer-reps only **

Compu-rep's name:

Compu-rep's email: (U of M employee email addresses only)

Compu-rep's phone number:

FOAP (budget # to be charged to)

Cost Estimate Only (If you would like to request a cost estimate only)

Instructions for using this form
- Specify the port(s) you are referring to
- Select the action you would like to take for each port(s)

  Action Description
  Activate Enable the port per the type specified
  Disable Disable the port requested
  Change port type Change the port to a different type
  Request status To have the status of the port checked

Example port location: Dafoe 010 label: R1S11/008C

Port location
Building Room Port Label Port Type Action

Additional information/comments:

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