Governing Documents: Staff
Effective Date:
November 15, 2011
Revised Date:
Review Date:
November 15, 2021
Approving Body:
Board of Governors
University of Manitoba Act
Section #16 (1) (b)
President: Delegated to the
Vice-President (Administration)
Executive Director of Human Resources
Applies to:
Employees: See list below

This policy applies to the following employee groups identified in Procedures: Employee Organizations and Employment Groups:

a) Academic Staff Excluded from Bargaining Units as Members of the Board
b) Administrative Academic Staff
c) GFT (Geographic Full-time) Academic Staff
d) Other Academic Staff
e) Academic Staff in Bargaining Units

1.0 Reason for Policy

The reason for the Policy is to identify the terms and conditions regarding the payment of stipends for certain academic administrative positions. Additional information on terms and conditions of employment for positions within bargaining units is contained in the appropriate collective agreement.

2.0 Policy Statement

Normally full-time academic administrative positions are filled by individuals who have a primary full-time academic appointment with rank within an academic unit. The additional responsibility for administrative functions shall be compensated through the addition of a stipend from the Schedule of Administrative Stipends maintained by Human Resources. In situations where the primary appointment is a reduced appointment or a part-time appointment with or without rank, the stipend will be pro-rated and considered as an additional appointment to their existing part-time position. All stipends for part-time appointments shall have a schedule of the hours of work per pay period. Hours in excess of the normal full-time hours of work for that employment group shall be considered as additional and therefore not pensionable.

The stipend shall be kept separate from the base academic salary and shall be discontinued when the academic staff member relinquishes the administrative responsibilities.

The value for the stipends for positions excluded from bargaining units shall be reviewed annually by Human Resources in consultation with the Vice-President (Academic) and Provost and the Vice-President (Administration). Changes in the amounts will be effective July 1st subject to the approval of the Vice-President (Administration).

3.0 Accountability

3.1 The University Secretary is responsible for advising the Vice-President (Administration) that a formal review of the Policy is required.

3.2 The Executive Director of Human Resources is responsible for the communication, administration and interpretation of this Policy.

4.0 Secondary Documents

4.1 The Vice-President (Administration) may approve Procedures which are secondary to and comply with this Policy.

5.0 Review

5.1 Formal Policy reviews will be conducted every ten (10) years. The next scheduled review date for this Policy is November 15, 2021.

5.2 In the interim, this Policy may be revised or rescinded if:

(a) the Approving Body deems necessary; or
(b) the relevant Bylaw, Regulations or Policy is revised or rescinded.

5.3 If this Policy is revised or rescinded, all Secondary Documents will be reviewed as soon as reasonably possible in order to ensure that they:

(a) comply with the revised Policy; or
(b) are in turn rescinded.

6.0 Effect on Previous Statements

6.1 This Policy supersedes the Policy: Stipends for Academic Administrators (dated June 16, 2009) and the previous verion (approved October 28, 1976).

7.0 Cross References