Effective Date:
June 21, 2005
Revised Date:
Review Date:
June 21, 2015
Approving Body:
Board of Governors
President delegated to Vice-President (Academic) and the Vice President (Administration)
Executive Director of Human Resources
Applies to:
External Parties - Contractors
Employees - All Employees

1.0 Reason for Policy

To define the circumstances whereby a University employee or an external contractor may be required to wear, in plain view of others, an identification badge while on duty in order to be authorized to work or enter an area. The purpose of the identification badge will be to preserve the security and safety of students, staff, visitors, contractors and University property when individuals, who may not be known to the staff/students in these areas, need access to non-public areas of the University. A second purpose of the identification badges may be to provide enhanced service to the University community.

2.0 Policy Statement

2.1 This policy is intended to apply to staff whose duties require them to have unrestricted access to non-public areas of the University, where they may not be known to the staff/students in these areas. The Dean/Director or Head of an administrative unit shall determine the unit's requirements for the positive identification of the unit's staff.

2.2 The Dean/Director or Head of an administrative unit shall determine the requirements for the identification of visitors to and contractors working within that unit or in other areas of the University which are not open to public access.

2.3 Individual employees and supervisors are encouraged to ask for verification of identification/authorization to be in a facility not open to public access and to report suspicious persons without identification badges to Security Services.

3.0 Accountability

3.1 The University Secretary is responsible for advising the President that a formal review of this Policy and Secondary Documents are required.

3.2 The Executive Director of Human Resources is responsible for the communication, administration and interpretation of this policy.

4.0 Secondary Documents

4.1 The Vice-President (Administration) or the President may approve Procedures which are secondary to and comply with this Policy.

5.0 Review

5.1 Formal Policy reviews will be conducted every ten (10) years. The next scheduled review date for this Policy is June 21, 2015.

5.2 In the interim, this Policy may be revised or rescinded if the Board of Governors deems necessary.

5.3 If this Policy is revised or rescinded, all Secondary Documents will be reviewed as soon as reasonably possible in order to ensure that they:

(a) comply with the revised Policy; or
(b) are in turn rescinded.

6.0 Effect on Previous Statements

6.1 This Policy supersedes:

(a) all previous Board/Senate Policies, Procedures, and resolutions on the subject matter herein;

(b) all previous Administration Policies, Procedures, and directives on the sbject matter contained herein.


7.0 Cross References

Procedures: Identification Badges