What is EPIC?

EPIC is the University's eProcurement tool. It provides employees the ability to make most purchases in a single, easy-to-use online tool. Some of it's features include:

  • Automatic commitment of funds
  • Electronic approvals
  • Order tracking
  • FOP validation
  • Paperless processing


Employees who need to procure goods or services using University of Manitoba funds require access to EPIC. Those who need to provide approval for an online purchase in EPIC also require access.

Visit the Aurora Finance Security Access page if you need to request access to the system.

Employees log in to EPIC via JUMP.


All employees who require access to EPIC should receive training on the system prior to logging in. Visit the Aurora Finance Training page to see what and when training options are available.

Online training options are also available online at the Aurora Finance eLearning webpage.


Contact Aurora Finance Customer Support at (204) 480-1001 or epic@umanitoba.ca for assistance with the system.

Online resources, training and FAQs can be found on the Aurora Finance homepage.

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