FAST Reporting

What is FAST Reporting?

FAST Reporting is the web based reporting tool within the Aurora Finance system. It downloads data from Banner, stores it in the FAST database and presents the University's financial information in an easy-to-read and understandable format. FAST can be used to generate reports that present information in hundreds of different formats so that users can analyze and fully understand their financial data, enabling them to make informed decisions.


Employees who are responsible for one or more FOPs or who need to review the financial information for a department, Unit or research grant require access to FAST Reporting. Access is especially required for those who need to perform budget adjustment and external invoice transactions.

Visit the Aurora Finance Security Access page if you need to request access to the system.


All employees who require access to FAST Reporting should receive training on the system prior to logging in. Visit the Aurora Finance Training page to see what and when training options are available.


Contact Aurora Finance Customer Support at (204) 480-1001 or for assistance with the system.

Online resources, FAQs and reports can also be found at the Aurora Finance homepage.

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