Comptrollers Office

The Comptroller's Office provides leadership to the nine departments of Financial Services and is responsible for ensuring that adequate financial controls are in place and working to effectively protect the University's assets. This Office develops the University's financial policies and communicates them throughout the University community.

The Comptroller's Office is also responsible for the integrity and accuracy of the University's financial records and for the preparation of various reports for the Finance, Administration and Human Resources Committee and the Audit and Risk Management Committee of the Board of Governors.

Comptroller's Office Staff Directory

Organization Chart

Financial Services Policies

Administration and Control of Operating Funds
Administration of Faculty and Emergency Student Loans
Cash Control
Exclusive Suppliers and Administrative Systems
Financial Administration and Control of Research and Special Funds
Institutional Costs of Research: Recovery and Distribution
Invoicing and Collection
Payments of Scholarships, Bursaries, Fellowships, Research Grants or Prizes
Payroll Authorization
Petty Cash
Recruitment Relocation Allowances
Student Organization Fees
Travel and Business Expense Claims