Our Commitment

Change Management and Project Services is committed to professionalizing the change management discipline at the University of Manitoba by providing a structured approach collaborating with units to implement change successfully.  

Our focus is on building internal capacity by developing the leaders of our University to be able to lead change and manage transitions through providing coaching and training to our change leaders, and our front line staff, as well as providing executive coaching and advising services for senior leadership. This is a long-term, sustainable approach that ultimately results in a higher return on investment for the University of Manitoba.

We firmly believe the University will gain maximum value by building our internal capacity to lead and implement change. We must be able to effectively manage the people side of change to realize the full potential of the University's strategic initiatives. 

Change Management and Project Services also offers in house change management services for projects or initiatives that will impact ‘people’.

We highly recommend that organizations utilize change management expertise in the earliest stages of any initiative, ideally before a project has even been formalized. Understanding the change impact early can save organizations a fortune and greatly increase the probability of success.

When change management is done well, people feel engaged in the change process and work collectively towards a common objective of realizing benefits and delivering results.