Vice-Provost (Academic Affairs)


The Vice-Provost (Academic Affairs) oversees academic staff matters (hiring, tenure, promotion, research study leaves, discipline, and faculty development).  The Vice-Provost (Academic Affairs) chairs the Faculty Development Initiatives Committee and the Presidential Advisory Committee on University Outreach, works closely with the Office of the Vice-President (Research and International) and University Teaching Services on new faculty orientation and on faculty and administrative leadership development, and works closely with the Academic Staff Relations Officer in Human Resources.


Dr. Diane Hiebert-Murphy obtained a BSW, MA and PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Manitoba.  She completed a clinical internship at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas.  She is currently a Professor in the Faculty of Social Work and the Psychology Service Centre in the Faculty of Arts.  She has a strong commitment to teaching and clinical and research supervision.  She has served as the advisor for more than 50 graduate students.  Before assuming the position of Vice-Provost (Academic Affairs) she served as Associate Dean (Research and Graduate Programs) in the Faculty of Social Work (2004-2007; 2011-2013) and Associate Dean in the Faculty of Graduate Studies (2014-2016).  Her research focuses on family violence and family-centered practice and has been funded nationally (SSHRC) and provincially.  Since 1998 she has been the director of the Couples Project, a provincially funded service/training/research program for couples with a history of intimate partner violence.  She is a member of the Family Violence Consortium of Manitoba and serves on the Executive Council of the Psychological Association of Manitoba.






Dr. Diane Hiebert-Murphy
Vice-Provost (Academic Affairs)