About Us

Our Vision

Excellence at the University of Manitoba in scholarship, research, learning and service to the community will be supported and nurtured by the use of information technology.

Our Mission

To support our clients in their teaching, learning, research, administrative and community service endeavors by providing information technology infrastructure and services and by providing leadership and expertise in the information technology solutions and services thereby contributing to the creation, preservation and communication of knowledge in the community. 

Information Services & Technology is a collaborative IT organization dedicated to creating, maintaining, securing and improving the IT environment for the University of Manitoba community while continually embodying and fostering the values of Integrity, Teamwork, Collaboration, Accountability, Respect and Effectiveness in our work and client services.


Contact the IST Service Desk
123 Fletcher Argue - Fort Garry
230 Neil John Maclean Library - Bannatyne
204-474-8600 – Mon. – Fri. 8:00 am. – 8:00 p.m.






We are:


Office of the CIO
Picture of Mario Lebar

Mario Lebar
Chief Information Officer
(204) 474-8668

image of tara victor

Tara Victor
Executive Assistant to the CIO
(204) 474-9267

image of Stephanie Yarema

Stephanie Yarema
Confidential Assistant to the Directors
(204) 474-7438

Client Services

Client Services is a client-focused, service-based unit in IST that has an overall focus on support services, advising and consulting and serves as the first point of contact for clients. Teams include Client Relationship Management, Service Level Management, Client Support and Service Desk.

Picture of K-L Holter

K-L Holter
Director, Client Services
(204) 474-9853

IST Default employee image

Antoine Brownlee
Assistant Director, Client Relationship Management
(204) 474-9952


Brenda McArthur
Manager, IST Service Desk
(204) 474-9762

IST default image

Jeff Haaksma
Manager, Client Support
(204) 474-9428

Technology Services

Technology Services is the area responsible for the development, implementation, operation and/or provision of the U of M's applications and infrastructure, computer operations, network, communication and data systems and services as well as learning technology and multimedia production.

Photo of Jim Kerr

Jim Kerr
Director, Technology Services
(204) 474-8475

IST default employee image

Ed Co
Manager, Infrastructure Development
(204) 474-7803

IST employee image

Michael McIntyre
Manager, Infrastructure Maintenance
(204) 474-8673

IST default employee image

John Dalke
Manager, Application Development
(204) 474-7397

IST default image

Ramandeep Bhinder
Manager, Application Maintenance
(204) 474-7460

picture of Harold Robson

Harold Robson
Manager, Physical Infrastructure
(204) 474-6815

IST default image

Gabrielle Bartsch
Manager, Learning Technologies
(204) 474-6444

IT Planning and Governance

IT Planning and Governance is charged with ensuring that our organization's IT initiatives and projects align with and serve as an extension to University strategies and objectives. Teams include Enterprise Architecture, IT Portfolio Management and Project Management Office, IT Procurement Centre; and Finance and Administration.

Adam Gerhard

Adam Gerhard
Director, Planning and Governance
(204) 474-7950

IST employee default image

Monique Whitehill
Manager, ITPC
(204) 474-7265

ist employee default image

Brice Ominski
Manager, Enterprise Architect
(204) 474-8499

image of Terry Bunio

Terry Bunio
Manager, Project Management Office
(204) 474-9298

Image of Katarina Holmstrom

Katarina Holmstrom
Manager, IT Org Performance/Finance and Admin
(204) 474-7480

Information Security and Compliance

Information Security and Compliance is responsible for ensuring that all U of M systems and information assets are adequately protected and comply with information protection and privacy legislation and regulations. We work towards an end goal of maintaining and enhancing the security and integrity of information, computing resources and technology at the U of M.

image of Patrick

Patrick McCarthy
Director, Information Security and Compliance
(204) 474-9768




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