Access to the Aurora Finance Systems

Access and security for the BANNER, CONCUR, EPIC, FAST systems are managed within the Financial Systems team.

Types of Access
Steps to Gain Access
Access Removal

Types of Access

There are four kinds of security access for Aurora Finance systems:

This access is required for a user who needs to book travel, create or approve expense claims and review travel related transactions.

This access is required for a user who needs to create and/or approve requisitions & contract requests to purchase goods or services and those who need to review expenditures related to the procurement processes.

FAST Reporting
This access is required for a user who needs to review Budget & Research related expenses and manage available funds on a FOP.
FAST also can be required for individuals who hold a support role (e.g. Business Manager, Administrative Assistant, Research Assistant etc.) to create specific financial transactions including:

  • Budget Transfers
  • External Invoicing

BANNER Finance
This access is required for a user who needs to review & create transactions at the core of the systems. Transactions created directly in BANNER Finance include:

  • Journal Entries (JE or JV)
  • Interdepartmental Charges (ID Charges)

Gaining Access

Follow these steps to gain access to any of the above systems.

  1. Ensure you have a UMnet ID.
    If you do not have this ID, ensure you complete the appropriate form:
    • U of M employees - Complete the IST ClaimID online form, specifying that you need access to Aurora.
    • Non U of M employees - Complete the Individual Sponsored Account form here.
  1. Attend training on the system.
    Training is required for most of the systems prior to access being granted.  To view the training options available visit the Aurora Finance Training page or contact Aurora Finance at (204) 480-1001.
  1. Complete the appropriate access form(s):
    Aurora Finance System Access Form
    • Use to request access to Banner Finance, Concur, and EPIC Financial Systems
    • Forms require the authorization from your Faculty/Unit. This authorization is usually from the Financial Officer, Business Manager, Dean/Director or the individuals direct Supervisor. Check with your unit to ensure internal procedures for roles and responsibilities in your unit are followed.
    Additional Fund/ORG Requirements Form
    • Use to list additional specific Funds or Organization codes that you require access to (if System Access form does not provide sufficient space to list). Attach this form to your System Access Form
    Aurora Finance System Access Additions Form
    • Use to add more Fund or Organization codes to existing access to perform transactions in Banner and FAST Reporting
    Aurora Finance System Access for New Research Funds - Multiple Users
    • Use to provide access to a new Research fund for multiple individuals who already have system access
    Aurora Finance UMPlan System Access 
    • Use to request access to UMPlan Planning and Budgeting System. Access to this system is limited to licenses clients involved in the planning & budgeting process.




    Submit your form(s) to or fax to (204) 474-7690. You will receive confirmation regarding your access within 5 business days.
















Access Removal


To remove access to any or all of the systems for an individual complete the Aurora Finance System Access Termination Request Form

**Please note that Faculties and Units are responsible to inform Financial Systems of all access changes, additions or terminations. Thank-you for your cooperation.