Aurora Finance Manuals & Resources

The following documentation is available to assist you with the functions and processes in the financial systems.

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 BANNER Resources

Banner Finance Training Presentations

Introduction to Aurora Finance
     Presentation PDF
     Accessible Presentation
     Reference document

Banner Navigation Fundamentals
     Presentation PDF
     Accessible Presentation
     Reference document
     Navigation Quick Reference Guide

Journal Entries and Interdepartmental Charges
     Presentation PDF
     Accessible Presentation
     Reference document

Banner Reference Resources

New Banner Features
FAQ on Logging in to Banner

Banner Navigation
    Log in to Banner [PDF
    Set Up My Banner [PDF]
    Accessibility Mode
    Change Your Personal Settings
    Create My Links
    Banner Navigation Cheat Sheet 
    Banner Shortcut Keys 
    Introduction to FORs and FARs [PDF]
    Responsibility Codes [PDF]
    Navigate to the FORs and FARs Page [PDF]
    Query FORs and FARs [PDF]
    Examples and Hints [PDF]
    Aurora Finance Glossary

Journal Entries and Interdepartmental Charges 
    Introduction to Journal Vouchers (JVs) 
    Journal Types [PDF
    Transaction Restrictions [PDF
    Navigate to the JV pages [PDF
    Quick Data Entry Page (FGAJVCQ) [PDF
    Detail Data Entry Page (FGAJVCD)
    Mass Data Entry Page (FGAJVCM)
    Enter Document Text on a JV [PDF]
    Enter Transaction Detail on a JV [PDF]
    Add Additional Records to a JV [PDF]
    Duplicate Records on a JV [PDF]
    Delete Records on a JV [PDF]
    Complete a JV [PDF]
    Add Reference Codes to a JV [PDF]
    Find an In Progress JV [PDF]
    Review/Print an In Progress JV [PDF]
    Find a Completed JV [PDF]
    Review/Print a Completed JV [PDF]
    Copy a JV [PDF]
    Reverse a JV [PDF]
    Navigate in the JV Pages [PDF]
    Delete a JV [PDF]
    Modify a JV [PDF]


FAST Resources

FAST Training Presentations

Budget Transfers

     Presentation PDF
     Accessible Presentation

Fundamentals of FAST
     Presentation PDF
     Accessible Presentation
     Reference document

Advanced FAST

     Presentation PDF
     Accessible Presentation

     Reference document

External Invoicing
     Presentation PDF
     Accessible Presentation
     Invoicing Manual
     Reporting & Approvals Manual

     Class Handout/Reference 

Online Learning Videos


FAST Reference Resources

New Features in FAST 
New Features in FAST AR     

FAST Reporting 
    FAST Reporting Basics 
    FAST Reporting Cheat Sheet 
    Check Available Budget [PDF
    View Salary Detail [PDF]
    View Expenditure Breakdown [PDF]
    Transaction Details [PDF]
    Document Query [PDF]
    Download to Excel [PDF]
    View an Individual Grant [PDF]
    View All Grants [PDF]
    View Baseline Budget [PDF]
    View Listing of Budget Adjustments for a Month [PDF]
    Report View Options [PDF]
    Using FAST to Identify Overspent FOPs
    Correcting Program Code Errors
    Projection Reporting
    Custom Reporting


Budget Transfers 
    Create a Budget Transfer 


EPIC Resources  

EPIC Training Presentations

Introduction to EPIC 
    Presentation PDF 
    Accessible Presentation     


EPIC After the Order 
    Presentation PDF 
    Accessible Presentation

EPIC Contracts 
    Presentation PDF 
    Accessible Presentation 

EPIC Reporting 
    Presentation PDF 
    Accessible Presentation 

Online Learning Videos

EPIC Reference Resources

Quick Reference Guide 
EPIC Approvals Guide
EPIC Cheat Sheet 
EPIC Document Types and Statuses 

EPIC How to Create a Catalog Request 
EPIC How to Create a Non Catalog Request 
EPIC How to Create a Non-PO Invoice 
EPIC How to Complete Receiving 
Invoice Reconciliation Pamphlet
EPIC How to Reconcile an Invoice 
EPIC How to Find Out if a PO Has Been Paid
EPIC How to Search for Documents
EPIC How to Delegate Authority
How to Order PPE in EPIC 

How to Create a Contract Request Guide 
Contract Request - Attaching Documents Instructions 
Quick Reference Guide for Service Agreements 
Quick Reference Guide for Contracts 

EPIC Reconciliation Reporting Guide 

Concur Resources

Travel and Business Expense Claims Procedure Quick Guide

Concur Training Presentation
     Travel and Expense Management
Online Learning Videos

 UMPlan Resources

How to Install & Set-up SmartView
Cheat Sheet - UMPlan Compensation Menu Options
UMPlan - Getting Started and Navigation
UMPlan - Compensation Budgeting and Planning
UMPlan - Non-Compensation Budgeting and Planning

Finance Processes

Monthly Operating/Grant Report (MOR/MGR) Reconciliations
Document Code Prefix list

Salary Journal Voucher Guide