Advising Cycle


What Who

Summer Term begins

Fielding admissions information


Year-end and convocation awards/medals/rankings for Faculty/unit meetings

Information from Financial Aid and Awards

Prerequisite report distributed (summer courses, based on winter term results)

Finalize academic assessments, reports for assessment/completion

Run poor grade reports for academic assessment

Begin transfer credit review on new students’ programs


Welcome package/new student information (DE and transfer/transit)


NACADA Region 6 Conference



What Who
Year/class update (early June); check assessments
Check prerequisites -- based on prerequisite reports
Warning, probation, suspension, Dean’s Honour letters (based on assessments completed in May)
U1 transit to Arts or Science opens up
Spring convocation (volunteer opportunity)
Final online academic calendar available
Orientation process begins -- What’s Next? event for new students
UM Essentials -- online orientation programming available in June
Review Senate changes that require implementation (Faculty/program-specific) – calendar, website, program information, UM Achieve
Review academic schedule for the next academic year
Major/Minor/Concentration declarations available by mid-June before registration
Returning and new student planning/student communications  
Preparing, finalizing welcome and communication messages to new and returning students  
Documentation, information to students in preparation for registration
Meet with new students as needed – transfer courses, program planning
Pre-registration and information sessions for new students begin (ongoing into July)
Incoming student file preparation
Registration schedule (time tickets) information available to advisors
Major declaration by students (before registration)


What Who
Registration (Aurora)
Review new admits; holds; program information; update program guides; data verification  
Pre-registration and new student information sessions  
Returning student registration; troubleshoot any INB/Banner 9 programming
Prerequisite reports distributed
Orientation process (ongoing) – Get Ready to Register; Career Choices; Making the Grade; Summer University Advantage sessions


What Who
Registration (Aurora)
Advising troubleshooting
Update files (new and returning students); apply transfer credit
Orientation process (ongoing) – Academic Prep Boot Camps; International Orientation
October graduation checks/review


What Who
Orientation events – Welcome Day; Indigenous Welcome; International Orientation
Classes begin (first Wednesday after Labour Day)
Advising troubleshooting  
Revision period and fee payment
First Six Weeks (F6W) programming
Prepare nominal rolls Share with program/Faculty/departments as needed
October graduation list review  
Review student assessments following summer term
Prerequisite report distributed (fall courses, based on summer results)  
Exam data information due to Registrar’s Office
High School Counsellors Seminar (hosted by Student Recruitment)  
Bursary applications due in early October – check website for deadlines  


What Who
Fall convocation (volunteer)  
Year/class update in mid-October; check assessments, documentation, information to students By Registrar’s Office – Faculty/program-specific
Preliminary Exam schedule published  
Faculty/program-specific bursary selection meetings  
Next Six Weeks (N6W) programming begins
NACADA – Annual Conference  
Evening of Excellence (hosted by Student Recruitment) Student Recruitment


What Who
VW deadline for fall term courses
Timetable/schedule rollover in INB  
Begin UG Academic Calendar revisions  
MAP Annual Conference (first Friday in November)
Fall term break


What Who
Exams and grades
Deferred exam requests/processing
Review Senate changes that require implementation (Faculty/program-specific) – calendar, website, program information, UM Achieve
Grade Changes


What Who
Classes resume
Revision period
VW deadline for spanned courses
Troubleshoot student programs/revisions  
Prerequisite reports distributed (winter courses, based on fall results); finalize student assessments from fall term (if needed)
Update information for First Year Planning Guide (FYPG)  
February graduation list review UM Achieve:
Due to the Registrar’s Office --
Preliminary exam schedule published
Update new student information on website  
Revision period and fee payment
Inactive jobs run once/year after revision period in January – DNR (admitted in previous fall term but did not register in either fall or winter term – NR student status code in SGASTDN); Inactive job (no registration activity in previous three terms – IS student status code in SGASTDN)


What Who
Open House (sponsored by Student Recruitment)  
February convocation (no ceremony)  
Web updates, forms, prep for next academic year; review and update DE information Faculty/program-specific
Winter term break


What Who
VW deadline for winter term courses
Rotary Career Symposium (date varies) coordinated by Student Recruitment  
Summer term registration
Program planning for new academic year with returning students  
Preliminary May grad list and checks UM Achieve:
Due to the Registrar’s Office --


What Who
Review Senate changes that require implementation (Faculty/program-specific) – calendar, website, program information, UM Achieve
May graduation checks/review UM Achieve:
Due to the Registrar’s Office --
Academic/class schedule available online  
Academic calendar available online
Exams and grades
Deferred exam requests/processing
Grade changes
Begin student assessments from winter term (into May)


  • Committees/meetings, including Faculty and other, e.g., recruitment, admissions
  • Academic advising – email, phone, and in-office
  • Resource person to Associate Dean, Dean, academic staff
  • Course transfer credit evaluations
  • Letter of Permission processing
  • Deferred exam arrangements and follow-up; change of grade and assessment follow-up
  • Student appeals
  • Forms
  • UM Achieve – encoding, testing as required; program change reviews/testing
  • How-to documents
  • Professional development as available
  • University of Manitoba Advisor Exchange
  • Fielding admissions information


  • How to … Documents -
  • Course schedule/scheduling changes, Ad Astra bookings, instructor information loaded in INB/Banner 9    
  • Add special section prerequisites and reserves for registration  
  • Grade submission reminders to academic staff (end of fall, winter terms; summer term)
  • Exam data information to be completed for each term
  • Undergraduate Academic Calendar submission, changes/updates
  • Curriculum and course changes (varying deadlines)
  • Graduation processing
  • Course changes/program changes to 4Cs 
  • SEEQs
  • Marketing materials
  • Special projects and reporting (data)
  • Communications/information to students
  • Committees/meetings 
  • Performance reviews
  • Special events
  • Website updates
  • Admissions processing/deadlines; applicant bulletin review/updates
  • Student misconduct – follow-up throughout year; meetings; assessments; change of grades

Updated July 2019