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Planning an event at the University of Manitoba

What we offer

Our services

Conference and Catering Services at UM helps facilitate both venue rentals and catering packages for all types of events. Our campuses have hundreds of unique spaces for casual and formal events of all sizes, and our large menus are customizable to suit your needs.

  • Conferences

    Located in south Winnipeg on the banks of the Red River, only 20 minutes from the airport and downtown, the University of Manitoba is an ideal location for your conference. We can offer you professional, cost-effective solutions including event spaces, food services and accommodation for your guests. 

    Learn more about holding a conference at UM by contacting our conference coordinator by email or phone:

  • Weddings

    We’ll work with you to plan one of the most important and memorable events of your life. Our diverse menu options, beautiful spaces, decor and floral options and unparalleled service will leave you at ease so you can focus on what’s important on your special day.

    Learn more by contacting us today to discuss your options.

Catering services by Classic Fare

Whether you’re planning a small, intimate dinner or an elaborate banquet, our experienced and professional catering staff can help you select the most appropriate menu.

We cater all types of events, both on and off campus, including weddings, banquets, bar and bat mitzvahs, holiday parties, conferences, receptions, luncheons and more. Our comprehensive menu of elegantly plated meals, sumptuous buffets, satisfying hors d’oeuvres and refreshing snacks is sure to make your event a success. 

Our menus

Our menus include ideas for events ranging from coffee breaks to full service dinners. Please note these menus are merely suggestions. Our catering manager would be pleased to custom design a menu to meet your individual tastes and budget.

Explore our menus below for more information:

  • Book our services

    On-campus clients

    If you are a student, staff or faculty member, you can order catering services online through CaterTrax. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your options further, please don’t hesitate to contact us below either by email or phone.

  • External clients

    If you would like to order catering services or discuss your options for a non-university event, please contact us below either by email or phone.

Guidelines and further information

University department and student group catering guidelines and information

In order to keep our operating costs and your prices as low as possible and to ensure we can meet your service expectations, the following terms and conditions are necessary. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation.

  • Beverage only orders need to be placed by 12 p.m. the preceding day. Orders taken after 12 p.m. are at the discretion of the Conference & Catering Services catering manager. Food or food and beverage combination orders need to be placed by 12 p.m. two working days prior to service. Our minimum order value is $25.00 not including delivery.
  • Orders are delivered to all buildings on campus from selected food preparation locations either by hand or vehicle. The method is determined by the distance, accessibility, the delivery site and the size of the catering order. Certain banquet rooms may require additional caretaking services, resulting in charges that will be passed on to our customers.
  • Cancellation of an event at least 90 days prior to the date of the function will result in a charge to cover any expenses incurred in preparation of the event. The initial deposit of $500.00 is non-refundable. Cancellation of an event between 89 days and four days of the event will result in forfeiting of all deposits with additional charges to cover any incurred expenses. Cancellation within three days of the event will result in the loss of all deposits plus any additional costs associated with departmental losses.
  • In the case where FOAP is issued to secure the deposits for space and/or services, any incurred expenses in preparation of the event as outlined above will be charged directly to the departmental FOAP. All live or recorded entertainment is subject to all SOCAN Copyright charges as outlined in Tariff #8 and Tariff #4 of the SOCAN Copyright Act. Actual charges will be based on the room capacity seated and standing plus GST.
  • When a FOAP is provided for an order and it does not have sufficient funds to cover the expense, the department will be charged a $25.00 administration fee for the necessary follow up. Please ensure that your account has sufficient funds. UMSU registered student groups receive 20 per cent off of select party trays listed (disposable service only).
  • Due to health and safety regulations all remaining food belongs to the University of Manitoba Food Services.
  • Banquet rooms that do not meet catering minimums are subject to an administrative fee.
  • All prices are subject to GST and PST and a 15 per cent administration fee.

We offer two types of service: biodegradable and premium.

  • Biodegradable service features a line of earth friendly, decomposable and recyclable service at no charge.
  • Premium service features linen, china, and cutlery, all attractively set up for you at $1.55 per person extra (minimum 15 people). Serving staff is not included. 

Contact us to inquire about availability and discuss your options

Order online through CaterTrax

External client catering guidelines and information

We are committed to providing high quality food and service. We will help you plan every detail and offer advice and suggestions to make your function successful and memorable. To help you plan, please read and follow these guidelines. If you have any questions, we would be happy to assist you.

Please be sure to confirm your event booking details at your earliest convenience in order to secure  your desired event date and any special arrangements.

While we offer service throughout Winnipeg and across the University of Manitoba campuses, our primary locations are Pembina Hall and University Centre. Functions located in other areas of campus will be subject to additional service charges.

Menu selection

To ensure successful planning, we require your menu selection three weeks prior to the event, with regular updates on the number of guests expected to attend.

Only one menu may be selected per function. However, dietary and/or children’s menus can be made available if we receive your request at least four business days before your event.

Number of guests

To ensure that your entire party will be looked after, please guarantee the number of guests no later than three business days before your event. The estimated number of guests given at the time of booking or your actual attendance number, whichever is greater, will be used for billing. We understand that attendance can be unpredictable and we are always prepared to serve four per cent over your guaranteed number to provide for unexpected guests.

Types of service

We offer two types of service: biodegradable and premium.

Biodegradable service features a line of earth friendly, decomposable ware and recyclable at no charge. Premium service features linen, china and cutlery, all attractively set up for you. Served Dinners include premium service. Premium service charge is $1.55 per person extra (minimum 15 people). Serving staff is not included.

Fees and payment

An initial non-refundable deposit of $500.00 is required at the time of booking to confirm your function.

An additional payment of 70 per cent of the estimated catering costs (also non-refundable) is due two weeks prior to the function date. Five business days after the event, the balance will be billed to the credit card you have provided. Should the booking of your event and the event date be close together, payment in full may be required in advance.

For banquet rooms, we require a minimum food order of $15.00 per person and must meet the minimum guaranteed number of guests to suit the selected banquet room, otherwise a banquet room rental fee will apply.

Small functions that do not exceed $350.00 in sales and require a server will be charged a server fee.

Additional policies

All live or recorded music is subject to SOCAN copyright charges outlined in Tariff #8 and Tariff # 4 of the SOCAN Copyright Act. Actual charges are based on the room capacity seated and standing plus GST.

The client is responsible for damage or loss of any articles left in the facilities prior to, during, or following an event, and for any damage to the premises during the function by the guests or independent contractors.

Due to health and safety regulations, all remaining food belongs to the University of Manitoba Food Services

Contact us to inquire about availability and discuss your options

Book an indoor space

As Western Canada’s oldest university, with more than a hundred buildings spread across our campuses, the University of Manitoba has beautiful, functional and convenient spaces for all types of events.

Room layout options

From the largest convention to the smallest meeting, the physical setup of a space can have a huge effect on the success of any session. Consider which of these common arrangements is most suitable for your event, or contact us to discuss your options.

  • A theatre style seating arrangement with no tables, and angled rows of seats facing the front of the room.

    Theatre style

    Rows of chairs facing the front of the room. This is the usual setup for large conferences and plenary sessions where attendees listen more than participate.

  • A banquet style seating arrangement with 6 round tables each encircled by 8 chairs.


    Chairs arranged around circular tables spread throughout the room. We’re always careful not to overcrowd your guests!

  • A boardroom style seating arrangement with 6 rectangular tables creating one long table with a row of chairs along each long edge.

    Boardroom style

    Up to 22 seats arranged around a single long table. This setup is effective for participatory meetings. 

  • Six rectangular tables form a U shape with chairs along the exterior edges.


    Sometimes called horseshoe style, this setup works for relatively small groups where attendees are expected to join in, while a leader usually works form the open end of the U.

  • A classroom style seating arrangement with two angled rows of tables and chairs facing the front of the room.

    Classroom style

    Seats at desks or tables all facing the front of the room. This is the typical setup when less interaction is required among the group and participants must take notes.

  • A small rectangular table in each corner of a room with a large table in the centre and scattered seating throughout.


    Open spaces with some tables organized in a way that minimizes line-ups and crowding.

  • Eight rectangular tables form a hollow square with seating along all four exterior edges.

    Hollow square

    This configuration is often used to facilitate conversation when participants are meant to be treated as equals.

  • Four rectangular tables form a T shape with seating along the top and long edges.


    An alternative arrangement for small full-discussion groups.

  • Book an indoor space on campus

    On-campus clients

    The process for booking a space for a university-related function varies depending on your desired location.

    To book a space in UMSU University Centre or the Pembina Hall banquet hall contact UM Conferences and Catering by email or phone.

    To book athletic facilities, visit the Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management rental page.

    To book the Brodie Centre Atrium or the Buhler Atrium at Bannatyne campus, contact the Max Rady College of Medicine by email or phone.

    To book any other indoor space on campus for non-academic purposes, follow these instructions to log in to Astra Schedule.

  • External clients

    If you would like to book an indoor space for an event not related to official University activities, please contact us to discuss your options.

    If you are planning a conference, and would like to learn more about conference spaces as well as accommodations and catering options, please contact our conference coordinator by email or phone.

Book an outdoor space

From weddings and banquets to barbecues, bonfires and marathons, we’ve hosted all kinds of events on the grounds of our historic Fort Garry campus.

Depending on the size and type of event you are planning, you may need to submit permits and applications to the City of Winnipeg, Manitoba Public Health, the Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority of Manitoba and various University departments, so be sure to begin the process as soon as possible. The entire process from application to approval must be completed by no later than 15 business days before the event.

  • On-campus clients

    Outdoor spaces for events can be booked by UM faculties, departments, administrative units, students and UMSU recognized clubs and associations. All groups holding outdoor events on campus must book a site to ensure their events do not interfere with other groups. To request an outdoor site for an event, you must complete and submit the Event Application Form.

    Please note that further details may be required and additional deadlines may apply depending on the size of your event. Refer to the information on the How to Book an Event Guide and the Event Application Form for additional booking requirements and links to additional forms required for proposed events with alcohol, food, BBQs, bonfires, and entertainment.

  • External clients

    If you are interested in booking an outdoor space for a non-University event, please contact the Office of the Associate VP Admin by email or by phone. We would be happy to discuss your options and pass on event planning guidelines, checklists and more information.

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