Important terminology:

Remote learning: These courses take place online and have assigned class times in the Aurora Student registration system for lectures, tests, quizzes, etc. These classes may occur with synchronous or asynchronous content, or a mixture of both (see definitions below). Students are expected to be available at the times listed in the Central Time Zone.

Distance Education (DE) courses: DE courses also take place online but do not have any assigned class times and you work at your own pace, while meeting the deadlines for assignments and tests set out in the course outline.

Synchronous content: Synchronous content is delivered live or interactively at a designated time. This could be a video lecture, a class test, or group work.

Asynchronous content Asynchronous delivery means that students can follow along with course material and interact with instructors at their own pace. As with DE courses, assignment deadlines and test dates are fixed.

updated May 4, 2021 Fall Term 2021

Please see below for commonly asked questions about the upcoming plans for September and the Fall Term 2021.

What is the plan for course delivery at UM for Fall Term 2021, beginning in September?

The University of Manitoba is planning for an increase of in-person instruction with the continued need for the remote delivery of many classes. Classes with a proposed maximum registration of between 2-20 students and labs with registration of 2-25, may be considered for in-person classes, as determined by the various academic units. This class size limitation will allow required public health physical distancing throughout our learning spaces. Information about the class schedule including course delivery methods will be updated in Aurora Student (the system in which you will use to register for your fall courses) as soon as that information is available.

Will I be attending classes in-person on campus in September?

It is possible that you may have some classes or labs in person, however, since most first-year classes are more than 25 students, it is likely that many will be offered by remote delivery only. Faculties are currently determining which courses will be conducted in-person and by remote delivery.

How will I know if I need to attend an in-person class or lab on campus?

Information about the class schedule including course delivery methods will be updated in Aurora Student (the system in which you will use to register for your fall courses) as soon as that information is available.

Will there be an option for students who would rather learn from home?

While there will be some courses that will require students to be on campus, there will be many with only remote delivery options.

Do I have to actually attend classes at specific times?

Yes. If your class has an assigned time in Aurora Student, you are expected to be available during that time period. Although there may not be live lectures, tests and other student obligations are scheduled for those times

How will I know which courses to pick?

We understand that all of this is new to you, but we are here to help! We will be communicating with you by email in the coming weeks to invite you to virtual events that will help you plan and register for your classes at UM. Please continue to check your email frequently.

Should I wait to start university until all classes have returned fully to in-person learning?

While this is a personal choice, we don’t think so. Although introductory courses will be primarily remote, there will be plenty of student supports and resources available to help you be successful. UM faculty members and instructors are keen to work with you and have carefully designed their classes to support your learning. We are excited to welcome you to our community and help you start your academic journey whether studying remotely, in-person or a combination of both.

How will the University help me get ready for my first year?

Your first-year experience is important to us! We have created a series of events leading up to the first day of classes that will prepare you to thrive in both an online, and in-person learning environment. Start with Next Steps for New Students, then take a look at UM Commons to see what we’ve got in store for you! We’ll be sending more info to the email address you used to apply to UM.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

Our Student Navigators at the Virtual Advising Help Centre can point you in the right direction, or you can email the First Year Centre: