Three students gather around a fourth as he sits at a desk and operates a Manitoba Institute for Materials instrument.

Our team

The Manitoba Institute for Materials is a multi-faculty organization bringing together researchers from a broad variety of fields.


MIM's dedicated materials characterization facility includes state-of-the-art electron microscopes, analytical instruments and a dedicated sample preparation laboratory. These resources are supported by dedicated technical personnel with interdisciplinary experience and a track record of partnership-building.

In addition to MIM's own instruments, we provide access to dozens of industry-leading research instruments through many university departments.

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Research expertise and community

About MIM

The facility is a strategic investment in shared infrastructure, as a result of partnership between federal, provincial, university and industry.

The role of the Manitoba Institute for Materials is to develop and enhance opportunities for research partnerships and personnel training at the University of Manitoba and in the Prairie region. The MIM team is committed to providing a supportive, inclusive, and welcoming environment by upholding principles of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.

  • Facilities

    A state-of-the-art research and training facility specializing in material and composite characterization, opened in 2016, through partnerships with SFR, FEI, GE, CIC, Western Economic Diversification, the Province of Manitoba and the University of Manitoba. Our world-class infrastructure is available for use by members, collaborators and industry partners. Our goal is to support leading edge research and game-changing industrial development.

  • Materials

    Materials are at the cornerstone of all aspects of our economy: we draw on resources in the earth to provide raw materials, we create the newest technologies with them and incorporate these capabilities in the design of every device and structure that we use. Just as it impacts society and the economy, materials research represents a significant portion of the research and partnerships based at the University of Manitoba and underpins much of the diversity and growth potential in the regional economy.

  • Research excellence

    Our diverse base of expertise and infrastructure ensures that questions can be thoroughly investigated and the outcomes supported by state-of-the-art measurements. Our internal networks -- as well as the annual Manitoba Materials Conference -- ensure that new collaborators tap into expertise that can grapple with both intricacies of application and complexities of fundamentals. Dedicated technical staff train users and provide skilled and detailed analyses of samples for our partners.

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