Fort Garry Campus Daytime Parking Options and Rates

The following rates and restrictions are in effect on weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., with the exception of the parkade, where these rates are in effect daily from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Rates and lot locations are also available on the Campus Parking Map (PDF).

Lot Payment
A Coins
Visa/MC       Parkmobile zone 9130

$4/hr    (½ hr min/2 hr max)

AC Coins
Visa/MC       Parkmobile zone 9131

$11 daily max    (½ hr min)

ACW Coins
Visa/MC       Parkmobile zone 9132

$12 daily max     (½ hr min)


Visa/MC       Parkmobile zone 9133

$3/hr    (½ hr min/2 hr max)

Coins only

$3/hr    (½ hr min/2 hr max)

B Coins only

$4/hr     (½ hr min/2 hr max)

D Coins
Visa/MC       Parkmobile zone 9134

$3/hr    (½ hr min/2 hr max)

F Coins only

$4/hr    (½ hr min/2 hr max)

G Coins
Visa/MC       Parkmobile zone 9135

$3/hr    (½ hr min/2 hr max)

Coins only

$2/half hr    (½ hr max)

H Coins
Visa/MC       Parkmobile zone 9136

$4/hr    (½ hr min/2 hr max)

L Coins
Visa/MC       Parkmobile zone 9138

$11 daily max

(½ hr min)


Visa/MC/Interac Debit/

No cash payments

Payment accepted at exit only

First hour: $2 per ½ hr
After: $4/hr or portion
$12 daily max

Evening 6pm-6am $2/hr
or $6 max

Lost ticket: $25

Q Coins
Visa/MC      Parkmobile zone 9140

$11 daily max     (½ hr min)

RCFFN Coins            Parkmobile zone 9141

$11 daily max

Coins only

$4/hr    (½ hr min/2 hr max)

SD Coins
Visa/MC      Parkmobile zone 9142

$1.75/2 hrs
$7 daily max         (2 hr min)

U Coins
Visa/MC      Parkmobile zone 9143

$11 daily max        (½ hr min)

V Coins only

$3/hr    (½ hr min/2 hr max)

Y Coins only

$3/hr    (½ hr min 2 hr max)

Fort Garry Campus After Hours Parking Options and Rates

Weekend, holiday and evening parking (after 4:30 pm), is free in most lots, with the exceptions of Investors Group Field event days, restricted areas and the following lots:

Lot Payment
N Coins
Parkmobile zone 9139

$5/evening M-F

$5/day Sa & Su


Visa/MC/Interac Debit/

No cash payments

$2/hr (6pm-6am)
$6 evening max

Bannatyne Campus Visitor Parking

Bannatyne campus visitor parking is available in H Lot, on McDermot Avenue near Tecumseh Street. Payment options include coins, Visa, MasterCard and the ParkMobile App (lot code 9137).

Weekdays (6 a.m. to 6 p.m.): $2.00 for the first two 30 min periods, $4.00 per hour there after to a $12.00 daily max.

Weekday evenings (6 p.m. to 6 a.m.): $6.00 flat rate.

Weekday combined maximum (6 a.m. to 6 a.m.): $18.00. 

Weekends: $6.00 daily flat rate.

Bannatyne campus parking map (pdf)

Bannatyne Campus Staff and Student Evening and Weekend Permit

Bannatyne Evening & Weekend Virtual Permits are available for staff and students by logging into the Parking Portal using your UMNet ID. You can register your vehicle for a free evening and weekend permit, valid in Bannatyne E lot which operates through a virtual permit system and is assigned to your parking account using licence plate recognition software.

Parking permits are no longer available for pick up on the Bannatyne campus and are not available to external customers.


Accessible Visitor Parking

To use any accessible parking stall on campus, you must display a valid permit provided by the Society for Manitobans with Disabilities (SMD).

The following lots on Fort Garry campus have accessible stalls available following standard rates and restrictions: A, ACW, ALC, H, RCFFN, SD, U and N.

Alternatively, you can visit the Welcome Centre, at 423 University Crescent, to obtain a UM Casual Accessible Parking Permit, which will allow you to use any accessible parking space on campus.

If there are no accessible spaces available, you may park in the closest available space in an alternate staff or student lot with the following exceptions:

  • If there are no available accessible stalls in the St. John's and St. Paul's loop or N Lot, you must relocate to a different lot.
  • Resident student lots are for resident students only.
  • Accessible permits are not valid in loading zones, fire lanes, reserved parking areas or stalls with hooded meters.

If you wish to apply for a student or staff accessible parking permit (PDF), you will need to fill out the accessible parking application form and provide a valid permit from the Society for Manitobans with Disabilities (SMD). Accessible permits are not assigned to a specific lot, but can be used in any accessible stall on campus.

Accessible Parking Application (PDF)

Additional Visitor Parking Options

Contractor parking

As of June 15th, 2020 all contractors parking on campus must have a valid permit for parking. All vehicles without valid parking permits will be subject to regular enforcement.

Parking Services will require some form of ID as well as a valid email address from each contractor in order to keep permit holders updated.

Contractor Parking Rates (Monthly permits are prorated mid-month)

September 1 - April 30

Daily: $10.50

Monthly: $140.00

May 1 - August 31

Daily: $6.00

Monthly: $96.00

Oversized vehicle and trailer parking

Buses, Trailers, RVs and other oversized vehicles that require more than one parking space are not permitted to park on University property unless permission is granted by Parking Services. Please arrange parking by contacting the office prior to arrival or by visiting the Welcome Centre in person during regular business hours.

Oversize parking is available in Q, U and SD West lots.

Oversize: September 1 to April 30: $5.00 per hour, $30.00 daily max.

Oversize: May 1 to August 31: $3.00 per hour, $18.00 daily max.

Semi-trailer: May 1 to August 31: $4.00 per hour, $25 daily max.