First Year Planning Guide

Planning your first year takes a little prep. 

This comprehensive and interactive guide and short video series breaks your first year planning into simple steps: exploring your options, selecting courses and creating your timetable.

First year planning guide

First year student advising First Year Centre at the U of M

The First Year Centre is your go-to resource for everything you need to know about being a first year student at the University of Manitoba. Academic and registration advisors for first year students are also available here.

The First Year Centre can:

  • Answer questions about program and degree requirements
  • Advise on university policies and procedures
  • Review your progress and evaluate your academic plans
  • Connect you to other campus resources 
  • Provide or connect you to support during challenging times
  • Discuss the impacts of decisions before you take action

If you have been admitted directly to a faculty, school or college, you can speak to an advisor in your faculty, school or college.

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First 6 weeks

We want to make your university transition smooth. We designed the First 6 Weeks program to help you make the most of this crucial time.

Each week you’ll receive tips, resources and current opportunities for first year students. Here’s what to expect week-by-week:

Week 1: Know your university

Your first week is the time to get to know the basics, including the U of M’s online systems, library navigation, and key dates on the Academic Calendar. We also suggest checking the Academic Integrity website for information and resources related to completing work that meets the U of M’s expectations for academic integrity.

More about Week 1

Week 2: Plan your time

University is a big step up from high school. Proper time planning will help you stay on top of your academic commitments.

Use our weekly planner (PDF) and timetable planner (PDF) to help plan your schedule. Week two is also a good time to familiarize yourself with on-campus study spaces and to plan where you intend to work.

More about Week 2

Week 3: Engage with your studies

Now is the time to dive into your studies. Talk to your professors (make use of their office hours to really get to know them), plan for mid-term exams and take advantage of the full range of resources to make the most of your time.

More about Week 3

Week 4: Connect to your community

University isn’t all about work. It’s also a place to meet lifelong friends and discover new interests and hobbies. With over 150 student groups on campus and the province’s largest students’ association, the opportunities to get involved and connected with others who share your interests and values are endless.

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Week 5: Focus on balance

University can be stressful, especially with competing deadlines and commitments. Try to maintain balance in your day, and make time for physical activity, to reduce stress and anxiety. 

Feeling overwhelmed? Check out the Student Counselling Centre for help getting back on track.

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Week 6: Refine your strategies

You’re already halfway through your first term. Now is the time to hone your approach to study and work-life balance and start thinking about the right academic path for your career. Consider talking to academic or career advisors to plan ahead.

More about Week 6

Career Services

Not sure what career path to take? Career Services can help you explore your options and identify a starting point for understanding if you are on the right career track.

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