Estimating your university costs for one year of study

Table 1 shows the tuition and other costs for one year of study in University 1.

Your costs will vary based on your program of choice. If you are enrolled in a program other than University 1, find the estimated tuition for your program in Table 2 and insert it into Table 1. 

The annual fees shown for the health and dental plan, sport and recreation fee, and U-Pass are standard for all undergraduate students.

Be sure also to include your non-university living costs (both fixed and variable) in your overall yearly budget.

Table 1. Estimated cost of one year of undergraduate study (based on University 1 costs)
Fee Estimated cost for
Canadian/permanent resident student
Estimated cost for
international student
U1 tuition
(See Table 2 for other tuition estimates)
$5,700 $19,300
Textbooks and supplies
(Based on U1 courses)
$1,500 $1,500
Health and dental plan $375 $1,400
Sport and recreation fee $200 $200
U-Pass $430 $430
Estimated totals $8,200 $22,830

Note: Fees are estimated.

Housing costs

Estimated tuition amounts for undergraduate programs

The following table shows the approximate tuition fees for a University of Manitoba student taking a full course load in an undergraduate program during the Fall and Winter terms. 

Your specific tuition fees will be dependent on your number of course credit hours and which faculty or school offers those specific courses. 

You can use these figures to estimate your total university costs in Table 1. 

Table 2. Estimated tuition by program


Approximate tuition for Canadian/
permanent resident
Approximate tuition for international student
University 1 (Based on a combination
of Arts and Science courses)
$5,700 $19,300
Agriculture  $6,400 $21,0 00
Agriculture - diploma $6,000 $20,000
Architecture (Environmental Design)  $6,600 $21,700
School of Art  $7,200 $25,300
School of Art - diploma $7,000 $24,100
Arts  $5,200 $17,800
Business  $7,300 $23,600 
Dental Hygiene  $25,300 Not eligible
Dentistry  $27,000 Not eligible
Education  $5,600 $19,300
Engineering $7,800 $24,000
Environment, Earth, and Resources  $6,000 $20,800
Interdisciplinary Health $5,800 $19,700
Kinesiology and Recreation Management $6,700 $23,400
Law $13,300 $29,900
Midwifery $7,000 Not eligible
Medicine $12,200 Not eligible
Music  $7,000 $21,400
Nursing  $7,000 $21,300
Pharmacy  $21,600 Not eligible
Rehabilitation Sciences  $7,400 Not eligible
Science $6,400 $21,100
Social Work $6,500 $22,200

Notes on the tables

  • Fees and costs are estimated. Your actual cost of attending university will depend on many factors in addition to the program of your choice. For complete fee details visit Undergraduate tuition and fees.
  • Tuition fees include your student organization fee and endowment fee. 
  • Fees are for an eight-month period. 
  • Textbook and supplies estimates do not include musical instruments for Music students or dental hygiene kits for Dental Hygiene students.
  • Students residing outside of the Winnipeg city limits may opt out of the U-Pass.
  • Students who have health insurance from another medical plan may opt out of the University of Manitoba Students' Union (UMSU) health plan.
  • All fees are in Canadian dollars.

Fees are approved annually by The University of Manitoba Board of Governors. In the event of a discrepancy between the fee rates approved by the Board and those published on this website, the fee rates approved by the Board will prevail. Students will be notified of any corrections that result in a re-assessment of their student account.

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