drawing of a woman with her hair blowing in the wind
Photo by Marco Frascari, Occasio (c. 2010)

A three-day international symposium exploring performative aspects of architecture and architectural imagination via intertwined theatrical themes of Memory, World and Action.


  • 28 paper presentations, by scholars from across North America, Europe and Australia;
  • 2 special panels with award-winning theatre architects, directors and thought-leaders;
  • 11 Entr’Actes (2-minute video interludes), an online exhibition in collaboration with the Design Centre at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM).

Co-chaired by Lisa Landrum, University of Manitoba and Sam Ridgway, University of Adelaide, in collaboration with Louise Pelletier, UQÀM, and Alberto Pérez-Gómez, McGill University.

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Registration is required to receive the link. (The Symposium uses the same Zoom link for all sessions, for all three days).

Schedule at a glance

Times in CDT (Winnipeg)



7:00am – Introduction
7:30am – Theatres of Action: Poetical, Political, Participatory (Paper Session 1, four presenters + discussion)
9:45am – World & Stage: Mise-en-Scène, Ancient to Modern (Paper Session 2, four presenters + discussion)
12:30pm – Earthly Theatres: Moving Ground, Suffusing Airs, Sentient Enclosures (special panel)
                    Frédérique Aït-Touati, Zone Critique, Paris    
                    Andrew Todd, Studio Andrew Todd, Paris / Burgundy
2:15pm – Janus (Entr’Acte) – conversation with the artists: Avinash (Nash), Jacqueline Loewen, Scott Henderson and David Thomas. Moderator: Dr. Bill Kerr.



7:30am – Entr’Actes – conversation with artists of Entr’Actes, including Re-Actions, Portrait of a House, and Meeting with Vis.
8:00am – World Building: From Community to Materiality (special panel)
                  Marianne McKenna, KPMB, Toronto
                  Jacques Plante, Architect (le Diamant), Québec City
                  Roger Watts, Haworth Tompkins, London
9:45am – (Re)Playing Modernism: Pre-performance / Post-Performance (Paper Session 3, four presenters + discussion)
1:00pm – Theatres of Temporality: Memory, Movement, Montage (Paper Session 4, four presenters + discussion)



7:30am – Dramatic Representation: Embodied Works & Words (Paper Session 5, four presenters + discussion)
9:45am – Situational Transformation: Intimate Immensities (Paper Session 6, four presenters + discussion)
1:00pm – Intercultural (De)Monstrations: Worlds Beyond, Between & Beneath (Paper Session 7, four presenters + discussion)
3:00pm – Closing Discussion


Supported in part by the University of Manitoba Undergraduate Research Award Program and UM/SSHRC Explore Grants Program.