A feasting pavilion in the process of being built at the Manitoba and Ontario border of Shoal Lake.

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Creating sustainable, inspiring environments

Faculty of Architecture research is both productive and reflective, critical and creative – projecting better futures and learning from past discoveries, while addressing present challenges and opportunities.

Thanks to the centrality and complexity of Winnipeg’s milieu, our research is both local and global – addressing issues facing urban and rural Manitobans, including the need for affordable housing and Indigenous design, while engaging global issues such as human rights and environmental responsibility. Our researchers aim to design sustainable cities; materially improve construction techniques; enhance the energy efficiency of building envelopes; explore and evaluate how environments impact health and happiness; and foster critical understanding and agency through community engagement, creative experimentation, and historical and theoretical inquiry.

These complementary modes of research produce and mobilize knowledge in ways that positively influence not only design practice, pedagogy, and public policy, but also current perceptions of the built environment and its cultural and material value.

Led by the diverse expertise of faculty members, the Faculty of Architecture supports multiple forms of scholarship (applied scholarship, creative work, professional practice and research).

The Faculty of Architecture is committed to pursuing research excellence while fostering a supportive and collaborative, interdisciplinary research environment. We welcome new research collaborations with academic, industry, government and community partners. We also look forward to involving new students – the next generation of researchers – in the shared pursuit of knowledge creation and design excellence.

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Current and recent work conducted by Faculty of Architecture researchers.

Undergraduate Research Awards

As a research-intensive university, UM provides a multitude of unique learning opportunities for undergraduate students to interact with the best minds and research leaders in their fields. This experience opens them up to new possibilities for a research career in either government, academic or industry sectors.



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