There is great diversity among the University of Manitoba students who are diligently working to achieve their career goals. Specialized resources exist on campus and in the greater community to support certain groups of employment candidates. If you self-identify with any of the categories below, please click the appropriate link to gather information and learn about services that may help you on your career planning journey.

Resources for LGBTTQ*

At the University of Manitoba:

Rainbow Pride Mosaic (RPM) is the University of Manitoba’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Two-Spirited, Queer (LGBTTQ*) and Straight Ally resource centre.
Office Location180 Helen Glass Centre

In the Community:

Pride at Work Canada
Founded in May 2008 to improve the climate of inclusiveness for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-identified (LGBT) employees in the workplace; site includes an inclusive employers job board and Building Pride toolkit.

The Rainbow Resource Centre (RRC) - Winnipeg
Resources can be found in the RRC’s library. The RRC serves Manitoba and North-Western Ontario’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Two-Spirit, Intersex, Queer, Questioning and Allied community. Visit Rainbow Resource Centre, and search “career” for a preview of the books related to career that might available in the RRC’s library.

Manitoba Human Rights Commission
Protection from Discrimination Based on Gender Identity (scroll down for content related to employment)

JobPostings Magazine
Job Postings magazine - LGBT Issues 
Article: Straight Talk: LBGT grads share their experiences entering the workforce

Lawrence University
Sexual Orientation and Career Decision-Making

Human Rights Campaign
Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer civil rights organization (U.S.)
Article: Transition in the Workplace
Building LGBT Inclusive Workplaces: Engaging Organizations and Individuals in Change

Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC)
Employers with Transgender Friendly Policies

The Status of Women Manitoba
Resources for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Two-Spirit People

University of Denver Career Resources
Career Resource Guide for LGBTQIA* Students

University of Pennsylvania Career Services
LGBT Career Planning & Job Search Guide

Resources for New Immigrants


Immigrate Manitoba
Settlement Checklist - for before and after you arrive in Manitoba

Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials (CICIC)
CICIC provides information and referral services to individuals and organizations on the recognition of academic and occupational credentials for working and studying in Canada and abroad

Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Information for working in Canada

Manitoba Start
Services to help newcomers prepare for employment in Winnipeg

Immigrant Centre Manitoba
Employment Services available to immigrants who have been in Canada longer than 3 years, as well as clients with work-permits

Manitoba Career Development
Career development information for newcomers in Manitoba

The Status of Women Manitoba
Resource for Immigrant Women

Alberta Learning Information Service
“Tip Sheets” for Immigrants and Newcomers

Career Destination Manitoba for Newcomers
Real immigrants share their experiences with immigration, learning English, qualifications recognition, finding employment and building a new life here.

Success Skills Centre
Offers employment assistance services to immigrant professionals and skilled workers of all ages who want to continue their careers in Manitoba

Resources for Persons with (dis)Abilities

At the University of Manitoba:

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) - provides support and advocacy for students with disabilities, such as: hearing, injury-related, learning, mental health, medical, physical, visual or temporary disabilities. SAS acts as a liaison between students, faculty, staff and service agencies.

In the Community: - An online magazine from the Canadian Abilities Foundation

Alberta Learning Information Service:

Canadian Council on Rehab & Work - provides support services for individuals with disabilities and and connects them with employers

Employment and Social Development Canada:
Workplace Equity – Resources for Persons with Disabilities

Entrepreneurship, Training and Trade: 
Employment Programs and Services for People with Disabilities Guide

Learning Disabilities Association of Manitoba
Destination Employment - A pre-employment program for adults with Learning Disabilities (LD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)

Lime Connect
A non-profit corporation that provides internships, scholarships and programming for students with (dis)abilities

Manitoba Civil Service Commission
The Career Assistance Program for Persons with Disabilities

Manitoba Family and Services Labour
Information and Services for Manitobans with Disabilities

Manitoba Government Job Opportunities
Internship Program for Persons with Disabilities - Manitoba Diversity Internship Program (MDIP)

Reaching Equality Employment Services (REES) - Winnipeg
REES promotes, facilitate and maintains the employment of people with disabilities or health conditions by providing diverse and customized employment, training and consultation service

Sara Riel Inc. - Winnipeg
A non-profit organization that provides services and supports to people living with mental health concerns to assist them in finding competitive, satisfying employment

Service Canada
Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities

Society for Manitobans with Disabilities (SMD):
A List of Services including Work Experience and Employment Services from SMD

The Status of Women Manitoba:
Living in Manitoba: A Resource Guide for Women with Disabilities

Youth Canada:
Youth with Disabilities – A list of services and programs from the Government of Canada

Resources for Visible Minorities

The Manitoba Government - Internship, recruitment and development programs
Explore programs such as the Manitoba Diversity Internship Program (MDIP), Career Gateway Program (CGP) and Diversity Employee Development Program (DEDP)

Career Advancement in Corporate Canada: A Focus on Visible Minorities 
Catalyst and Ryerson University's Diversity Institute in Management & Technology 

Visible Minorities in Canada Factsheet 
Ryerson University

The Voices of Visible Minorities: Speaking Out on Breaking Down Barriers. A document from the Conference Board of Canada
Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council

Saskatchewan Visible Minority Employee Association

Resources for Women

At the University of Manitoba:

Womyn’s Centre, Location 190 Helen Glass Centre
Womyn's Centre on Facebook
The Womyn’s Centre provides a feminist voice and a safe place for Womyn on campus.

WISE Kid-Netic Energy
Women in Science and Engineering (WISE), an outreach group from the University of Manitoba, educating and motivating youth, including young girls, into exciting careers in Engineering and Science.

In the Community:

The Status of Women Manitoba
Resources for Women

Education, Employment and Training

Winnipeg Transition Centre - Winnipeg
Women as Career Mentors Video

Taking Charge! - Winnipeg
Assists single parents who want to achieve self-sufficiency and women re-entering the labour market

Women Business Owners Manitoba
A non-profit, independent organization that addresses the unique needs of the woman entrepreneur

Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba
Helping women throughout the province find information, improve their skills and acquire financing so that they can start, expand or purchase an existing business

Women in Leadership Foundation (WIL)
A national, non-profit organization dedicated to advancing women in leadership roles. WIL delivers innovative programming to help thousands of women across Canada to develop their leadership skills

Alberta Learning Information Service
Women in Non-Traditional Occupations – Stories to Inspire

Canadian Association of Women in Construction
A non-profit organization whose mandate is to facilitate the long-term success of women in Canada’s construction-related fields such as general contracting, trades, building products, architecture, engineering, interior design, and professional services

Society for Canadian Women in Science & Technology
A non-profit association that promotes, encourages and empowers women and girls in science, engineering and technology

Canadian Women in Communications and Technology

The Business Women’s Media
Advice for women in business