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Centre for Community Oral Health

Our mission

  • To care for the underserved, access deprived, and geographically isolated by promoting good oral health and providing essential services through fiscally responsible programs using the resources and expertise of the Dr. Gerald Niznick College of Dentistry, dental professionals and community partners. To provide educational experiences in the community designed to instill social awareness and responsibility in our graduates and profession.

    Our mandate is to provide services to underserved and vulnerable populations, which includes low-income, limited mobility and Indigenous patients; although service is certainly provided to any individual interested in visiting our clinic locations.

Socioeconomics status plays an important role in the treatment outcomes since dental work can be very costly. This is why it is important to engage in community service as it provides an alternative to the individuals who need it most.
Manjinder Kler former dental student

Our clinics

All of our Centre for Community Oral Health (CCOH) clinics provide services to underserved and vulnerable populations, which includes low-income, elderly, limited mobility and Indigenous patients.

Services and payment

  • Services

    All services are customized to suit the individual’s needs. At most clinics all basic dental procedures are available, including:

    • restorations (fillings)
    • extractions (tooth removal)
    • X-rays
    • endodontic procedures (i.e. root canals)
    • dental hygiene services (cleanings, flouride, oral health education)
    • oral surgery
    • prosthodontics (crown and bridge, dentures)
  • Fees and payment

    Most fees are based on the Manitoba Dental Association Fee Guide. Some of our clinics offer reduced fees. Contact the clinic directly to learn more about fees for services.

    Payment is due at the time service is provided. Some exceptions apply. At some clinics, cash, cheques, credit cards and third party insurance plans are accepted. If a patient has insurance, all appropriate information is required in order to receive coverage for services provided.

    For more information and specific details about payment options, contact the clinics directly.

Our commitment to safety


CCOH takes pride to employ qualified staff who are focused on providing the best possible care to all clients. Students, in their final year of Dentistry or Dental Hygiene also take great measures to provide high standards of care.

Our entire staff of dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants meet all Canadian certification and licensing requirements and are committed to gaining the latest and most current knowledge and skills.

In addition to our regular clinic providers, CCOH utilizes the services of dental specialists including an orthodontist, oral surgeon, pediatric specialist and locum dentists.

Dentistry and dental hygiene students

The majority of our clinics accommodate students in providing a community outreach experience during the academic school year. Similar to medical training facilities, patients at CCOH have the right to decline treatment from dental and dental hygiene students. Only where patients or powers of attorney have provided written consent, do students take part in providing treatment.

We feel strongly that the calibre of training and education maintained at the Dr. Gerald Niznick College of Dentistry including the direct supervision provided through CCOH clinics by licensed dentists and specialists, and registered dental hygienists, students are competent to provide clinical dental and dental hygiene procedures.

Safety and sterilization

We follow strict infection control policies and standards set by the Dr. Gerald Niznick College of Dentistry and the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.

Mouthcare resources for caregivers

A primary focus of the HPU’s activities for almost 10 years has been to increase the oral health knowledge, awareness and mouthcare skills of caregivers through in-services, workshops, and presentations. These programs have been delivered to many health care aides, nurses, speech language pathologists, dietitians, physicians, administrators, family members, and others.

We are pleased to share with you our collection of LTC fact sheets and video clips that we have developed as an integral component to mouthcare training for caregivers.

If you require any of our resource materials in an alternate accessible format, please contact dentistry_ccoh@umanitoba.ca.

Demonstration videos

We have developed a variety of short video clips to demonstrate various aspects of providing mouthcare for dependent adults. They have been used extensively during caregiver training with very positive feedback regarding their usefulness.

We encourage you to access the video clips to learn more about mouthcare for this population, improve your skill in effectively providing mouthcare for others, and share this information with others.

The video clips are available free of charge, provided users formally recognize their origin and the authors.

Lab demonstrations

  • Video 1: Assembling products
  • Video 2: Mouth rests
  • Video 3: Brushing someone else’s teeth
  • Video 4: 3-sided toothbrushes
  • Video 5: Using a proxabrush to clean between
  • Video 6: Using a floss holder

Bedside and wheelchair demonstrations

  • Video 7: Supplies ready
  • Video 8: Positioning bed and resident
  • Video 9: Positioning caregiver at bedside
  • Video 10: Products ready on the glove
  • Video 11: Using a mouthrest
  • Video 12: Mouthrest tips
  • Video 13: Toothbrushing technique at bedside
  • Video 14: Toothbrushing technique in wheelchair
  • Video 15: Mouth screening

View videos on YouTube


These 8.5" x 11" information sheets were developed to be used in personal care homes to alert families and friends to the importance of mouth care.

They are designed to be printed back-to-back as together they provide information regarding the benefits of good oral care, daily mouth care recommendations, and helpful oral care products.

For those interested in also printing the poster in its original size of 36" x 60", please contact the WRHA.

Join us

Student externships

A five-week community clinic rotation is a graduation requirement for all dentistry students. Every fourth-year dental student and third-year hygiene student has an opportunity to experience an externship rotation in several of our locations.

While spending time at each of our clinics, students put into practice their classroom learning and have the opportunity to acquire and apply critical thinking habits while perfecting their technical dentistry and dental hygiene skills.

Become a staff member

Since we function as a department within the University of Manitoba, staffing opportunities are available through the University of Manitoba Human Resources website.

If you are interested in employment within a particular program, contact Laura Friesen at Laura.Friesen@umanitoba.ca or call 204-975-7777

Make a gift

Every contribution matters

The CCOH operates with support from the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA). The CCOH also relies on income based on fee-for-service and on donations from the community. Contact us to learn more about how your gift can make a difference.

Contact us

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