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Bursaries are based on demonstrated financial need. In most cases, students must be registered in a minimum of 18 credit hours to be eligible. To be eligible for bursaries at the University level and the Faculty of Science, students must submit the general bursary application. Bursary applications are available through Aurora in August. Please visit the financial aid and awards bursaries website to see the due date each year and for additional details. 

Faculty of Science Award for Excellence in Teaching Assistance

Teaching Assistants (TA) are valuable members of the Faculty of Science who help in the teaching and learning mission of the Faculty. Some TAs will go above and beyond their duty to ensure their students learn. Each year, two TAs in the Faculty of Science will be recognized for their outstanding and excellent work. ⁠

The purpose of the award is to recognize outstanding TAs in the Faculty of Science and to motivate and inspire TAs to perform to the best of their ability.⁠

Awardees will receive $300 and recognition through the Faculty of Science website and social media.⁠

The nomination applications are now closed.

2022-2023 winners

  • Skyla Dudek
  • Maryn Woo

2023-2024 winners

  • Marshall Kaatz
  • Rana Ahmed

Undergraduate scholarships and prizes

In most cases, applications are not required for these awards as they are based on academic achievement. Scholarships are normally offered to full-time continuing students, with a minimum course load of 24 credit hours. There may be some exceptions based on the terms of reference for individual awards or other considerations outlined in the student awards policy.

The following undergraduate scholarships in the Faculty of Science require an application. Students are also encouraged to visit the financial aid and awards website to find additional internal and external scholarships that require applications.

Prizes are based on the highest academic standing or best performance in a particular course, program, competition, etc., with a minimum grade point average requirement. Students are not required to re-register at the University of Manitoba to receive prizes.

Science Leadership Scholarships

The Science Students’ Association of the University of Manitoba has established an endowment fund at the University of Manitoba to create annual leadership-based scholarships. The available annual income from this fund will be used to offer up to nine leadership-based scholarships of equal value in three distinct categories: community leadership, academic leadership, and campus leadership.

Applications are now closed.

For 2023-24, the minimum value of each scholarship will be $1,500.


For all three categories, students must:

  1. be enrolled full-time (minimum 80% course load) in the second, third, or fourth year of study in any degree program in the Faculty of Science and
  2. have achieved a minimum degree grade point average of 3.5.

Applicants will be required to submit a written statement (maximum 500 words) and two letters of reference to demonstrate how they meet the award criteria. For additional criteria, please see the application form.

All elected and appointed past and present SSA Councillors are ineligible for these scholarships.

Bernice Warkov Safeer Scholarship for Excellence in Mathematical Sciences

Applications are now closed.

For 2023-24, the value of this scholarship is $675.


The Bernice Warkov Safeer Scholarship for Excellence in Mathematical Sciences will be offered to a female undergraduate student who:

  1. is enrolled full-time (minimum 80% course load) in the third year of either an honours program or a four-year major program in the mathematical sciences in the Faculty of Science;
  2. has achieved a minimum degree GPA of 3.5;
  3. has displayed excellence in one or more areas of the mathematical sciences (through course-work and/or independent study) and
  4. has shown herself to be a humanitarian with generosity of spirit and strength of character.

Eligible programs in the mathematical sciences include those individual and joint programs of the following departments: Actuarial Studies, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Statistics

Students will be required to provide written statements to demonstrate how they meet criteria (3) and (4).

Undergraduate conference and exchange trip support

Discover the undergraduate student financial support for conference travel and longer-term international opportunities at the Faculty of Science. See if you are eligible for different opportunities and learn how to apply.

Undergraduate conference and exchange trip support

Graduate fellowships

Faculty of Science Fellowship for Graduate Excellence

Applications are now closed.

This year there will be two awards available, one fellowship for a master’s student (valued at $3,000) and one for a doctoral student (valued at $5,000).


This award is for full-time graduate students enrolled in a program delivered by the Faculty of Science at the University of Manitoba, pursuing either a master’s or PhD degree.

Eligible candidates must have a minimum B average (3.0) in the last 60 credit hours (or equivalent) of their previous degree or maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 as a current student.

Additionally, applicants must demonstrate exceptional research potential (for master’s students) or research achievement (for doctoral students).

Preference will be given to students identifying as agender, bigender/multigender, gender fluid, gender queer, nonbinary, transgender, two-spirit, or woman, encouraging opportunities for underrepresented genders in the field of science.

You will need to submit the application form along with a copy of your current transcripts and have two letters of reference submitted on your behalf.

Graduate student conference support

Graduate students can apply for travel support from the Faculty of Science to attend conferences. To be eligible for conference travel, the student must:

  1. be a registered graduate student in a department within the Faculty of Science,
  2. be a co-author on the accepted paper or poster,
  3. be the person presenting the work and
  4. be a recipient of no more than two travel funding awards per year.

To apply for support, the student should first make a request to their home department using the link below. Travel requests are expected to arrive prior to the travel. No guarantee of support can be made for requests arriving after the travel has taken place. In all cases, support will be made via reimbursement for expenses incurred, not provided to students up-front.

This content is available in alternate formats upon request to sci.accessibility@umanitoba.ca.

Departmental financial aid and awards

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