Survey on Academic Integrity

Dear University of Manitoba undergraduate student, first year student, graduate student, teaching assistant and faculty member,

The University of Manitoba has agreed to participate in an important national study on academic integrity being conducted by Julia Christensen Hughes from the University of Guelph and Don McCabe of Rutgers University.  The purpose of this study is to identify what types of questionable academic behaviours students most report engaging in and what types of behaviours are perceived to be most frequently occurring by students, faculty and TAs.  Ideas for what can be done to enhance cultures of integrity on Canadian university campuses will also be solicited.  It is important that such behaviours and ideas be identified so that policies and practices can be developed that will help to protect the integrity of the academic experience and ensure a level playing field amongst students.  Your participation will contribute to the national study as well as help the University of Manitoba identify what more it can be doing to help protect the integrity of your degree/its degrees!

Thank you,

Brandy Usick
Director of Student Advocacy and Accessibility
Project site coordinator
Phone: 204-474-7423

Research Integrity