The benefits of the Career Mentor Program

The CMP is an informational interviewing program that supports career planning and decision making. The program gives students the chance to connect their education to the world of work.

  • The program allows students to:

    • Explore occupational options
    • Learn about an occupation or industry through the first-hand experience of a mentor
    • Formulate realistic career goals
    • Gain confidence in their career decisions or ability to connect with potential employers
    • Develop interview skills
    • Form valuable networks in the world of work

    Mentors also benefit from the program. They can:

    • Help a student make beneficial career decisions
    • Share valuable lessons from their own experience
    • Promote their profession
  • Career mentor Angelal stands with an international student outdoors in front of the Buller Biological building.

How to participate as a student

Sign up to meet a mentor anytime during the regular academic session.

Students must attend an orientation session at Career Services to prepare for the mentor visit.

*Orientation sessions for the Fall 2020 semester will be offered virtually through Zoom. Available dates and times will be emailed to students following their registration.   

A one-time $10 registration fee allows you to use the program throughout your degree. 

*Registration fees will be waived for the upcoming Fall 2020 semester. 

If you have questions, meet briefly with the Career Mentor Program coordinator.

Students and mentors meet for an informational interview

The program coordinator sends the mentor’s contact information to the student. Students must contact their mentor within two weeks to set up a date.

Students visit the mentor in the workplace or at another mutually convenient location for an interview. Site tours and job shadowing are also options, depending on the occupation and the mentor.


Complete a student evaluation form

Students provide feedback on their overall experience. If they want to meet another mentor, they can indicate this on their form.

Student feedback form

Becoming a mentor

Consider becoming a mentor. You’ll be part of a large and dedicated team of individuals committed to helping UM students.

The Career Mentor Program (CMP) is designed to help students explore their occupational options. Students are connected with industry professionals for informational interviews, which helps them formulate career plans. Mentors share information about their occupations and offer practical, timely career advice.

The CMP is not intended as a job placement service, but as a way for students to explore occupations and career paths.

Our program is confidential and mentor information is not distributed to other organizations. To avoid mentor fatigue we do not match mentors with students more than twice per term. 

Current and prospective mentors can learn more with the Career mentor handbook (PDF).

The meeting

Once you have agreed to see a student, you will receive their name via email or phone. The student will arrange a meeting, which generally happens in the workplace, at the University, coffee shop or other location.

*UPDATE FALL 2020: In order to adhere to social (physical) distancing guidelines set by the province and university, the Career Mentor Program has made the decision to temporarily suspend all in-person meetings. As of Fall 2020, all student-mentor meetings will occur online through the use of a video-conferencing software (e.g. Zoom). 

If students fails to follow through with the commitment, we encourage them to contact you, or we do so ourselves.

Different from other longer-term mentoring programs, our program is an informational interviewing program. Students and mentors meet for one-time, one-hour meetings. Follow-up or ongoing meetings are not a requirement. 

Student preparation

When students sign up for the program, they are required to attend an orientation. During this session students are guided through the program expectations, informational interviewing tips, a career values assessment and are helped with question development.

Evaluation and feedback

Following your meetings with students, mentors may complete a Mentor Evaluation Form. This form and the feedback mentors provide is confidential and helps us improve the program and create a more efficient process for mentors and students.

Mentor feedback form

Career Mentor Program Handbooks

CMP Student Handbook 2020-2021

CMP Mentor Handbook 2020-2021

Mentor profiles