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Undergraduate programs Dental education

Our program teaches predoctoral and dental hygiene students the foundations of basic sciences — with instruction on:

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Undergraduate courses

First Year
ORLB 1302 Cell and Tissue Biology
ORLB 1310 Head, Neck and Nervous System, Part 1
ORLB 1320 Head, Neck and Nervous System, Part 2
ORLB 1330 Human Growth and Development
ORLB 1340 Oral Tissues, Structure and Function

Second Year
ORLB 2300 Pathology and Microbiology 1
ORLB 2312 Structure and Function of Major Organ Systems
ORLB 2320 Cariology and Plaque Associated Diseases
ORLB 2330 Nutrition in Dentistry

Third Year
ORLB 3300 Pathology and Microbiology 2

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Graduate programs

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