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Undergraduate programs Dental education

Our predoctoral students receive training in pre-clinical and clinical settings that offer state-of the art equipment and technology. Future oral health professionals receive instruction in the areas of:

  • comprehensive dental care
  • dental anatomy
  • endodontics
  • operative dentistry
  • fixed, removable and implant prosthodontics
  • digital dentistry
  • dental biomaterials
  • practice management

Our enhanced training experience is presented in several different formats: class lectures, reading assignments, self-directed study as well as pre-clinical and clinic sessions.

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Undergraduate courses

First Year
DENT 1202 Early Clinical Experience
DENT 1210 Dental Practice Management I
RSTD 1500 Dental Materials 1
RSTD 1512 Operative Dentistry 1
RSTD 1520 Dental Anatomy
RSTD 1530 Occlusion
RSTD 1550 Introduction to Dentistry

Second Year
DENT 2202 Introduction to Comprehensive Care
RSTD 2502 Dental Materials 2
RSTD 2510 Operative Dentistry 2
RSTD 2520 Endodontology 1
RSTD 2532 Fixed Prosthodontics 1
RSTD 2540 Removable Partial Denture Prosthodontics
RSTD 2552 Complete Denture Prosthodontics

Third Year
DENT 3210 Dental Practice Management III
RSTD 3512 Operative Dentistry 3
RSTD 3522 Endodontology 2
RSTD 3532 Fixed Prosthodontics 2
RSTD 3542 Complete and Partial Removable Denture Prosthodontics

Fourth Year
DENT 4202 Interdisciplinary Patient Centered Care Case Studies
DENT 4210 Dental Practice Management IV
DENT 4222 General Practice Dentistry
DENT 4232 General Practice Seminars
DENT 4240 Dental Jurisprudence

Clinical specialty program

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