Additional or differing dates exist for: Agriculture Diploma, Dental Hygiene, Dentistry (includes IDDP), Education (B.Ed. only), Law, Medicine (excludes Family Social Sciences), Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Respiratory Therapy, and Social Work. Students in these programs should speak with their faculty, college or school regarding any important dates and deadlines.

Winter Term important registration dates

  • New Student Orientation - Winter Term (Fort Garry Campus)
  • First day of classes
  • Fall/Winter Term spanning courses Voluntary Withdrawal (VW) deadline
  • Last date to drop Winter Term and Winter/Summer Term spanning courses with refunds
  • Last date to add Winter and Winter/Summer Term spanning courses
  • Winter Term Voluntary Withdrawal (VW) deadline
Winter Term Important Dates

Summer Term important registration dates

  • Registration access times available in Aurora
  • Apr. 5, 2021 -
    Apr. 8, 2021
    Initial registration period (with gradual space release)
  • Registration closed from 12:00 a.m to 1:00 p.m. CST (to allow for waitlists)
  • Registration reopens 1:00 p.m. CST
Summer Term Important Dates

Registration tips for Fall, Winter and Summer Term

Summer Term Registration

Registration Access Times

  • Unless otherwise noted in the Class Schedule Listing, the following registration revision deadlines will apply. Please see the appropriate category below.
  • In Summer Term the Revision Period Deadline and the Refund Deadline are the same.
  • The Last Date to Drop a course and the Last Date to Add a course will be the same date.
  • If you are uncertain in which session your class is being offered, refer to the "Part of Term" information in the Class Schedule or see the chart below. 

Summer Term Course Loads

  • Students are advised not to take too many courses during the Summer term due to the academic term being compressed.
  • Most students may register for a maximum of 18 credit hours, though some faculties/schools may have different limits.
    • Course load limits may be extended, but this is entirely dependent on the faculty, school, or college that you are registered in.

Course Cancellations

  • Every effort is made to ensure that all of the courses listed in the Summer Session course catalogue are available for registration.
  • In the event that a course is cancelled, all students who are registered in the cancelled course will be notified and receive all paid fees associated with it.

Question about taking distance and online education courses? Visit Online Courses for more information.

Part of Term Course Dates Revision period Refund Deadline Voluntary Withdrawal Deadline (No Refund) Exam Dates
May – June (3 Credit Hour course, 6 hours instruction per week)* May 10 - Jun. 17 May 10 - May 13 May 13 Jun. 8 Jun. 21 - Jun. 26
July – August (3 Credit Hour courses, 6 hours instruction per week)* Jul. 5 - Aug. 12 July 5 - July 8 Jul. 8 Aug. 3 Aug. 16 - Aug. 21
May – August (3 Credit Hour courses, 3 hours instruction per week)* May 10 - Aug. 12
No classes June 21 – July 2
May 10 - May 20 May 20 Jul. 22 Aug. 16 - Aug. 21
May – August (6 Credit Hour courses, 6 hours instruction per week) May 10 - Aug. 12
No classes June 21 – July 2
May 10 - May 13 May. 13 Jul. 22 Aug. 16 - Aug. 21
Winter/Summer Distance and Online spanning Term courses Jan. 18 - Jul. 16 Jan. 18 - Feb.1 Jan. 29 May 19 Jul. 17 - Jul. 20

*May-June, July-August and May-August parts of term may also include 4 credit hour Engineering courses.

Classes on Monday, May 24th will be made up on Friday, May 28th. 

Classes on Monday Classes on Monday, August 3rd will be made up on Friday, August 7th.

Fall and Winter Term Registration

  • Registration access: Once it is your registration date and time, you will have 24-hour access to the registration system until the final registration date for that course.  Although students may register on weekends, no registration times will begin on the weekend.
  • Reserved space in classes:  Spaces in some course sections may be reserved for students in specific programs, normally only until the first week of August.  Reserve details are included in the Class Schedule.
  • Select courses will include a Waitlist function, allowing students to be added to a waitlist and notified when a space becomes available.
  • Limited Access does not currently apply to students who have previously been subject to this restriction for three consecutive terms. Students will be able to register to repeat a course (or equivalent) during their initial registration time.
  • Course Drop and Add dates:
    • Course Drop date – the last date to drop a course with a refund.
    • Course Add Date – the last date to add a course in the revision period.

Students must have an active UM email account to receive waitlist notifications. 

Steps to register for UM classes

Your Aurora account will help you learn about the specific requirements of the program you've chosen. You'll create a timetable for your classes and register. A quick check in Aurora will tell you how much you owe and how to pay your tuition fees. At tax time, it will provide your tax receipt. Let Aurora take the worry out of registration.

UM policies you may need to review

Registration revisions

The registration revision period is the first two weeks of the start of term.  This period is considered the 'add and drop' period, where you can make changes to your course or timetable choice without academic or financial penalty. Courses dropped during this period are not recorded on official transcripts or student records, and a tuition refund will be granted for dropped courses that have already been paid for.

During the registration revision period, you can: 

  • Add a new class if you changed your mind about your course subjects, or if a course that was previously full is now available.  
  • Switch a lecture or lab to a more preferred day/time. 
  • Register in a course for which you were waitlisted if you receive notification that space is available. 

Once the registration revision period ends, you can still Voluntarily Withdraw from a class, however, it will be recorded on your transcript and student history and you will not receive a tuition refund. 


Contact the Registrar's Office

Following information and advice about COVID-19, the Registrar's Office is currently closed to the public and is offering services online only. 

400 UMSU University Centre
University of Manitoba (Fort Garry campus)
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2

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